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Qeema Paratha

Qeema in Hindi means mince. Paratha i guess all of you are familiar with. A paratha can be stuffed with just about anything thats dry. What i have made here is lamb mince parathas. Very traditionally Indian this one is … Readmore +

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Scallops 5 Ways

So as you all know monopoly didn’t really work out, we ended up staying at home not really in the mood for any outdoor activity. Figured i’d have to make lunch and got out a tray of 10 fresh Australian … Readmore +

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Green Apple and Passionfruit Mousse cake

A post that was long due…my hands were itching to make something sweet … been a long long long time. Actually I’m quite looking fwd to the Monday as my Pierre Herme book is arriving… lots of more treats coming … Readmore +

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Wrap n Burn

This is a step by step guide of how to screw up a highly simple wrap.Well i did’nt plan for it to happen this way but a little bit of neglect and there u have it !Since A is in … Readmore +

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Healthy Routine

Hey everybody, its been almost 2 weeks since i got here and boy am i happy to be back!My sister is in town visiting and actually have been really busy with her shopping and traveling and just basically bonding which … Readmore +

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