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Sizzlin’ Hot !

I don’t really know the exact origin of this dish, though I’d like to believe in from the northern region of China. I’ve been eating versions of this dish ever since i was a kid. Sizzlers are very famous in … Readmore +

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Reminiscing Hong Kong

Mango and Coconut Sago Dessert U cannot be a true Honkie if u haven’t got a passion for Sago.These little treats are a very important part of the Cantonese cuisine and can find them in almost every street corner, every … Readmore +

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Yellow Plum and Mint Cheesecake with Almond Mascarpone.

I had never in my life seen yellow plums, and so when i saw these in the fruit section of the supermarket i had to buy them. They had a lovely light delicate scent, a thin but very sour skin … Readmore +

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Comfort Food – Cannelloni

Is it alright if i just told you how i made it, as i really don’t have a story behind it. It was lunch and it had to be a vegetarian one as i was sick of eating meat. Most … Readmore +

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Protein Packed Breakfast

Or as my husband calls it ” My version of Turkey Cheese Melt !”This was his creation and that to, a very fine one. He loves to cook and when we cook together the food in our house is at … Readmore +

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Twist on Tiramisu

Its just one of those days when u are craving for something sweet, actually particularly for Tiramisu, so u set of for the kitchen, and start making it, only to realize u dont have rum and cocoa powder.But u still … Readmore +

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