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Spoonfull of Chocolate

CHOCOLATE AND ALMOND MADELEINES This is probably the fastest way to consume chocolate … just put it in your mouth, chew a bit and swallow ! For all those who are chocolate addicts like me and need a fix almost … Readmore +

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Nectarine and Honey Yogurt Lollies

Summer is comming towards an end for a lot of you folks, but fortunately or unfortunately its always summer in Ghana. Located only a few degrees the north of the equator this tropical county never really experiences the cold weather. … Readmore +

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Banoffee Tarts and Happiness :D

I’m very happy for 2 reasons today. Firstly, because today I finally got myself to make tarts – which by the way is an achievement for me as i have been procrastinating it almost forever. Dunno why, but haven’t you … Readmore +

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Lamintons For Sunshine Cafe

Ok , so you’re probably saying- “she’s done these before !’ Well i’m guilty but not totally. I did make lamingtons earlier here and they are just the regular chocolate lamingtons. The last time i made them and gave them … Readmore +

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