This is probably the fastest way to consume chocolate … just put it in your mouth, chew a bit and swallow ! For all those who are chocolate addicts like me and need a fix almost everyday day this recipe is just perfect and also real fun to make. Even the kids wouldn’t mind lending a helping hand with this one. It all started out when i wanted to make Madeleines . I’ve always heard people going oh i love madeleines n this and that and i had never tried one. I even bought myself a madeleine tin after looking for it for almost 6 months, and now which of course has been lying as it is in my ever increasing cake tin cupboard. Madeleines are very small cakes with a distinctive shell-like shape acquired from being baked in pans with shell-shaped depressions. Their flavour is similar to, but somewhat lighter than pound cake, with a pronounced butter-and-lemon taste. I’ve come across recipes which even use orange zest, nuts and my fav chocolate. So i surfed the net looked around to find the ” perfect ” recipe for what i thought was a very fancy and special treat .What i made of it was that basically they are just exaggerated little French cakes. As like with everything, the French just have a way with their words and making even the simplest of things sound very fancy and grand. I’m not saying that its a bad thing but yes it sure is deceptive … this is also comming from a person who cant speak a work of French to save her life, so cant really be judgmental. Alrite so back to the Madeleines ! These are a chocolate and almond version. Great on presentation and flavours. Prefect to serve when entertaining guests, just make sure u have a lot of extra spoons to go around.


  • 30 gms unsalted butter
  • 2 tbsps all purpose flour sifted
  • 1 tbsp cocoa powder sifted
  • 2 tbsp caster sugar 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • 1 egg
  • 1/2 tsp almond extract
  • a few almond slivers for decorating
  • icing sugar for dusting

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees. Place the egg, sugar and almond extract in a bowl and whisk to combine. Fold through the dry ingredients – flour, cocoa pd, baking pd. Melt the butter and add it to this mixture and whisk well to combine all the ingredients together. Dont be alarmed by the quantity, these will make about 30 tsps or 15 tbsps. So grease whatever u are using and place them around th edges of a baking tray .This way the cake mix will not fall out. Fill the spoons till about 2/3 rd full and sprinkle a few slivers of almonds. Bake the tsps for about 5 mins and tbsps for about 8 or u think they are done. Be careful when u are getting them out as the spoons will be hot. Let them cool, run a sharp knife around the edge to loosen them out and the then just place them back on and dust with icing sugar.

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Comment : (linda)

What a creative way of baking and serving madeleines! Very cute! (Kate)

hey linda , wow that was real fast , i just put up the post:D Thanks … they were really cute. Made them yesterday , and they’re all already gone ! (nixtress)

These are super cute! Makes me wish I still could eat as much chocolate as I want : ) (Cenk)

Very original! I’ll definitely try this. (Danielle)

What a brilliant idea! I’ve been wanting to make madeleines, but I keep balking at the price of the molds. This is a great work-around, and I can’t wait to give it a try. (Kate)

nixtress , why cant you eat all the chocolate that you want ???

cenk …pls doooo !

Danielle , i know the molds are so freaking expensive…does’nt make sense. I bought mine and and i think its such a waste.Unless of course u have kids ad u regularly bake for them. (Deborah)

This is the best idea!! I don’t have a madeleine pan, but I think the presentation of these is so much better! (Anita)

So adorable! I love your presentation too, your photos get more and more beautiful every time! (Kate)

deborah i think so too :p

Anita … really you think so…this must be really good comming from a star baker whose every creations is better than the other ! Thanks ! (Homesick Texan)

How clever, and they’re so cute. I’m not surprised you don’t have any left over! (Nora B.)

Hi Kate, that is such an original idea. Does this mean that your madeleine pans are still unused? 😉 (Anh)

Oh so lovely! Great idea! (Mango Power Girl)

They are so cute…little kids would love them…and of course the adults! They are a lot like these molten choc cake cups i made, but these seem simpler…i’m gonna try and if the spoons burn, then i can buy another set of silverware i want 😉 (Kate)

Homesick Texan ..hehe u know :p

Nora yes unfortunately they are ..! and now the more i look at them the more i dislike them … as the shell shape is not the right one and i feel cheated 🙁 or rather stupid for just jumping and buying them without really looking at them properly !

Anh … 😀

Mohini ..haha the spoons will not burn , its in the oven for such a short time , but then again if u need that new set u’ve been eying anything can happen :p (Mansi Desai)

wow, they look nice Kate! put them on cup-cake papers and there’s a nice treat for halloween!!

thx for the idea:) (Kate)

hey Mansi , i think they’ll look gr8. Good luck with halloween. (clumsy)

Thanks! This is a great recipe for the next time I entertain–very fun! (maybahay)

lovely idea.these will go quickly if i make them and the hubby is around. (eliza)

oh i love madeleines too! i’ve made a chocolate one before and they’re eaten too fast in my house! 😀 (ces)

love the simplicity of this! i just hope i can get back to blogging again soon! (ces)

btw, i tagged you:) (Kate)

clumsy , yeah it is … and some lovely vanilla bean ice cream to go with it.

maybahay , even before u know they will all be gone :))

eliza :pp

ces thanks , i do hope u get back to blogging soon …and yay i think its the first time i’ve been tagged … hmm now lets see what i have to do here .:P (Rasa Malaysia)

Beautiful…spoon is the new plate…everything looks so nice and delish when served in a spoon. The second picture is seriously gorgeous. (Kate)

It does Rasa … i love food served in a spoon 🙂 Thanks ! (Lapa)


Él, también, ha traducido a portugués la abundancia de naciones por Adán Smith.

Te han concedido varios premios.

No olvidarte del nombre de este gran autor, tú oirá hablar de él pronto.

Gracias por tiempo del gasto en cultura universal.

Agradece por visitar. (Kate)

lapa …. i really wish i could read what you’ve written.I’ve even tried babelfish but no luck. Pls pls can u write back in English …i’d love to know what you’re saying. (Kelly-Jane)

Chocolate madeleines, they look and sound so lovely! I’m going to have to use my tin too, it’s been in the cupboard for about 5 years! (Mango Power Girl)

Kate – I made them 🙂 This recipe is foolproof – literally a piece of cake!! These are amazingly easy to make and a great little dessert to have when you just want a tasting, or like me – when you crave something freshly baked in the middle of the night! It is also a very flexible recipe that lets you incorporate whatever you like. I made some with espresso & hazelnuts and some dipped in dark chocolate and almonds. Here is my first trial of these beautiful madeleines! Thanks for a great recipe! (Rachel)

Thanks for the tip on the adding dry mango powder..and thanks for dropping in at my blog

this is a different idea of spooning chocolate… very unique (Kate)

Kelly -Jane … pls do try them….tin or no tin these are irresistible.

Mo …yay !!! i’m so happy u tried them ! Have to come over n see what urs look like 😀

Rachel … u are welcome 🙂 (maybelles parents)

Brilliant–I just did this with mango madeleines–thanks. (I haven’t posted it yet, but will)

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