I absolutely couldn’t resist this one. Appeared in today’s newspaper – ‘Spectator’ in Ghana. So let me you if any of you are interested, this poor guy needs a job … :p

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Comment :

Hmmmm very heart touching….


A perfect candidate for the Kalahari Typing School for Men! 🙂

And very touching indeed..


Lubna … darling that was meant to be fuuny !

Keri … ha ha ha ! though you totally missed where he wore his pants 🙂

Whoa …ha…ha… couldn’t stop laughing….

Dear Mista Mampara,
Me regret, me no job for you hear….bekause me no won an hornest man and me no won man shot thief ded! and tank yu for yu nice picture frame, indeed yu look beautifull!
Yours in faith,
Elra, INC.

Yeah.. it is indeed very funny.. How did he manage to wear his trousers like that?

And smaller pants!!

Oh my God…his pants are touching the skies!!!

Kajs your blog is rocking…on the cooking front that is ;p

Hope he get the job he wanted.Maybe by wearing the pants this style attract employer to hire him,right?

I don’t know… but I truly would like to give this guy my blessings.


I really hope he gets the job

His English is not so good but he’s trying hard to express what he wants to say. I would like to commend him for that. Hope there’s someone there who will hire him.

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