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Teen Patti, Gelato and a Prize To Be Won

” WITH MONEY COMES THE STRUGGLE FOR POWER AND A TWIST IN RELATIONSHIPS “ What do you get when you see the worlds greatest actors come together in a film ? A BLOCKBUSTER ! Set in India and England, and … Readmore +

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Fish Taouk

This is one of those dishes, which after eating you give yourself a pat on your back n say ” Well done !”. I’ve eaten Chicken taouk, lamb n beef taouk but Fish taouk ? Never ! So I wondered … Readmore +

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Healthy For You – Stuffed Peppers

So its yet another stuffed pepper post, only this time its healthy. I was at the gym yesterday, n picked me a weight watchers magazine to surf through while I was trying to burn off that mars bar I polished … Readmore +

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Pollenta Crusted Chilli stuffed with Cheese

I love a good chilli. Bright red, firm, packed with flavour, not too spicy yet with that certain edge. These chillis were just that and when I saw them at my local store I knew I had to pick them … Readmore +

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Stuffed Tomato with Tuna, Potato and Pickled Thyme Salad

Thought this would be the perfect time to do a healthy post. Not that I made any resolutions … but I’m sure there are many who are trying to cut out the sweet and bring in the healthy. I too … Readmore +

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