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Spoonfull of Chocolate

CHOCOLATE AND ALMOND MADELEINES This is probably the fastest way to consume chocolate … just put it in your mouth, chew a bit and swallow ! For all those who are chocolate addicts like me and need a fix almost … Readmore +

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Lamintons For Sunshine Cafe

Ok , so you’re probably saying- “she’s done these before !’ Well i’m guilty but not totally. I did make lamingtons earlier here and they are just the regular chocolate lamingtons. The last time i made them and gave them … Readmore +

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Happy Birthday Again !

Well i couldn’t just sit peacefully after yesterdays disaster, even though all you wonderful people loved it and wrote me such lovely comments ! I had all morning free so decided to give it another go. But this time i … Readmore +

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The Easy Option

Well so there is one more addition to master patissier Pierre Hermes fan club. Just recently got myself a copy of his Chocolate Desserts and i’ve been dying to try something from it.Oh…what a book…what beautiful cakes n cookies n … Readmore +

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Lovely Lamingtons

  Not very sophisticated but still one of my favourites ! Chocolate Lamingtons ! Can’t thank the Aussies enough for this contribution towards cakeoholics.I can almost remember the first time i sunk my teeth into these little babies at Citysuper(Hong … Readmore +

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Chocolate Valentines !

Woke up today morning and thought i do an article on Chocolate (being Valentines n all).So i showered got ready had breakfast n got out by 9 a.m only to have my driver missing and the scorching hot sun on … Readmore +

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Twice As Nice

Well i did have a lot of free time on my hands today and couldn’t control my urge to bake. Ah what the hell , might as well go ahead and do it. So here it is the result of … Readmore +

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Hamatan Chocolate Iceacream Cake

It’s unusually hot, stuffy and dry these days here in Accra(Ghana-West Africa).The Hamatan wind from the north blows in and carries the dust particles from Sahara and brings them thru Nigeria to Ghana.The entire town is covered in muddy brown … Readmore +

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