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Melting Moments … Literally !

I’d definitely give this a 0/10 for presentation. I cannot tell you how ashamed i am to even share this you. God knows i tried to make a pretty one. Unfortunately for me Ghana is going though a crazy heat … Readmore +

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Double Treat And A Meme

This is probably the first time i am sincerely following up a meme. I know i haven’t in the past and like to apologize to all those who tagged me and i didn’t follow up. I’m sure there was an … Readmore +

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Aapplemint Turns 1

I’ve been away for far toooo long, travelling and spending time with family and basically having a blast. I couldn’t however resist getting online to read all the wonderful comments you have been leaving me, and i’d like to thank … Readmore +

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Creme Fraiche n Mixed Berry Dessert

I remember when ever a recipe called for Crème Fraîche or Fromage Frais, I would just substitute it with fresh cream. For starters I didn’t know the difference between the two and the other, where to source them. In India … Readmore +

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Diwali Greetings and a Meme

So much for me staying away from sweets … Ha ! Well but u cant blame me its Diwali . Hindus all over the world are celebrating the New Year on Friday. I was supposed to be back home by … Readmore +

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Sunday Fiasco and Cheesecake

Imagine …. you have friends coming over for Sunday lunch, which was planned over a week in advance, and they’ve requested Chinese. U are excited and want to impress, so you go all out and plan a really fancy menu… … Readmore +

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Nectarine and Honey Yogurt Lollies

Summer is comming towards an end for a lot of you folks, but fortunately or unfortunately its always summer in Ghana. Located only a few degrees the north of the equator this tropical county never really experiences the cold weather. … Readmore +

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Banoffee Tarts and Happiness :D

I’m very happy for 2 reasons today. Firstly, because today I finally got myself to make tarts – which by the way is an achievement for me as i have been procrastinating it almost forever. Dunno why, but haven’t you … Readmore +

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Reminiscing Hong Kong

Mango and Coconut Sago Dessert U cannot be a true Honkie if u haven’t got a passion for Sago.These little treats are a very important part of the Cantonese cuisine and can find them in almost every street corner, every … Readmore +

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Yellow Plum and Mint Cheesecake with Almond Mascarpone.

I had never in my life seen yellow plums, and so when i saw these in the fruit section of the supermarket i had to buy them. They had a lovely light delicate scent, a thin but very sour skin … Readmore +

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Twist on Tiramisu

Its just one of those days when u are craving for something sweet, actually particularly for Tiramisu, so u set of for the kitchen, and start making it, only to realize u dont have rum and cocoa powder.But u still … Readmore +

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Birthday Buddies !

It is not everyday that u find a blogger friend who shares the same birthday as you.A couple of weeks back the HHDD mousse contest was going on and out of the blues i thought of participating.I submitted my entry … Readmore +

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A Yellow Tribute To The Departed

Everywhere i look i see yellow.Who is responsible for that ? Barbara of winosandfoodies .Why, ‘cuz she has undertaken a noble task of creating awareness about cancer.A Taste Of Yellow , is a recognised event by the Lance Armstrong Foundation … Readmore +

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Green Apple and Passionfruit Mousse cake

A post that was long due…my hands were itching to make something sweet … been a long long long time. Actually I’m quite looking fwd to the Monday as my Pierre Herme book is arriving… lots of more treats coming … Readmore +

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Monopoly Sunday

Sunday was a day well spent for me.After a long long time a couple of friends got together for a session of monopoly – recreating our childhood days(…er…not exactly, as somewhere in the middle someone was suggesting strip monopoly).I remember … Readmore +

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Hamatan Chocolate Iceacream Cake

It’s unusually hot, stuffy and dry these days here in Accra(Ghana-West Africa).The Hamatan wind from the north blows in and carries the dust particles from Sahara and brings them thru Nigeria to Ghana.The entire town is covered in muddy brown … Readmore +

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