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Extremely Healthy Granola

Making the things you like to eat outside, at home is not as difficult as it may seem. And there is a good enough reason you should do too. You have full control over the quality of ingredients, the freshness … Readmore +

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Thomas & Friends Cake

3 I think is a wonderful age. The little ones are not so little anymore, growing into little individuals & getting smarter and cuter by the minute. Its that stage when they (boys specially) have found their diction and cannot … Readmore +

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Coconut Caramel Candy

Having had my share of baking lately, I wanted to try something I hadn’t made before. It still had to be sweet and not too tough. Recently my cousin had sent me this lovely bottle of cooking coconut oil which … Readmore +

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Chocolate Banana Muffins & Getting Famous

I know this comes late but I still have to thank my wonderful readers, family and friends for the marvellous support and kind wishes that you sent me on the 29th of April. I knew my article was coming up, … Readmore +

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Teen Patti, Gelato and a Prize To Be Won

” WITH MONEY COMES THE STRUGGLE FOR POWER AND A TWIST IN RELATIONSHIPS “ What do you get when you see the worlds greatest actors come together in a film ? A BLOCKBUSTER ! Set in India and England, and … Readmore +

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Mango Chutney

Its different from the usual desserts i make, but its still a sweet post 🙂 On my recent trip to Mumbai i had the opportunity to taste and get the recipe of this 150 yrs old traditional mango chutney. Made … Readmore +

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************* Good News *************

Any of you who are going to be in Bombay tomorrow, do buy a copy of DNA, the city’s second-most selling newspaper!! Yours truly is being featured there in a section covering specialty blogs written by Bombayites! I am very … Readmore +

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Chocolate Almond n Toffee Squares

I’ve been wanting to make these for a long time and share them with you. And at what better time did i end up getting them ready than today – 12th Oct – Eid … Just checked i am in … Readmore +

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Dry Fruit Roll

With the Ramadan going on there is abundance of beautiful dry fruits available around here these days. I think I’ve mentioned earlier that in Ghana we have a good population of the Lebanese community, and thankfully they have 2 supermarkets … Readmore +

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