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Reminiscing Hong Kong

Mango and Coconut Sago Dessert U cannot be a true Honkie if u haven’t got a passion for Sago.These little treats are a very important part of the Cantonese cuisine and can find them in almost every street corner, every … Readmore +

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Qeema Paratha

Qeema in Hindi means mince. Paratha i guess all of you are familiar with. A paratha can be stuffed with just about anything thats dry. What i have made here is lamb mince parathas. Very traditionally Indian this one is … Readmore +

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Scallops 5 Ways

So as you all know monopoly didn’t really work out, we ended up staying at home not really in the mood for any outdoor activity. Figured i’d have to make lunch and got out a tray of 10 fresh Australian … Readmore +

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Healthy Routine

Hey everybody, its been almost 2 weeks since i got here and boy am i happy to be back!My sister is in town visiting and actually have been really busy with her shopping and traveling and just basically bonding which … Readmore +

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Bowled In !

The ICC Cricket World Cup has begun and its really got us all hooked onto our screens.Group matches have commenced and so has our betting.Sadly i lost 50 bucks yesterday on Pakistan vs West Indies but i hope to recover … Readmore +

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Lahme in Arabic literally means meat.Traditionally we used to eat this at Al Reef bakery at Karama, Dubai.Made in kilns and served wrapped in paper with chilli pickles and olives this snaky item was our favourite, along with laban up(buttermilk).I … Readmore +

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Humanmetrics & Spiced Lobster Chow Mein !

Lately I’ve been feeling rather dull and nothing interests me.Imagine not wanting to cook or even getting the camera out.Its like when you are down with the blues.I guess I’m really missing home now.My trip has been extended and re-extended … Readmore +

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Simple Fresh Food

Most of the times its not the cooking that is difficult, its thinking what to cook that’s difficult ! Specially when its hot you’re stuck indoors and u feel like having nothing else but some chilled iced tea/beer. As usual … Readmore +

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Green Tea Risotto with Pan Fried Cassava

Was sipping on some green tea and thinking of trying a healthier version of risotto when it suddenly hit me.Green tea risotto ! No butter, no cheese, no cream, green tea instead – Cant get healthier.Must confess was a little … Readmore +

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2 Swords

Was just reading this interesting article on Lucullian delights – “Do we need editors?” where it is discussed that do bloggers need editors to write well?Cuz if u might’ve noticed that we have beautiful blogs out there with wonderful pictures … Readmore +

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Ghanian Palm Nut Soup

This is actually the first time i saw what a palm nut looks like …My house maid was making some for her husband (Our guard) and i just happened to be there at the right time with my camera ofcourse.She … Readmore +

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