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A Trip To A Hong Kong Market

Hong Kong fresh food markets are an absolute must on any visit to the ex-colony. Bustling with life and colour, they remain an everyday part of many locals life, and are also a great place to grab a bargain. You … Readmore +

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Magical Maldives

Last month i made a trip to paradise. By the end of this post you will agree with me that its as close to paradise as you’ll find on earth; serene, scenic and calm, a luxury playground whose physical beauty … Readmore +

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White Sands and a Raspberry Charlotte

If you ask me, how was my weekend, i’d have to say … simply fantastic. Celebrated a friends birthday at this breath taking beach resort called White Sands. Overlooking the Atlantic, this beach with its pristine white sands is located … Readmore +

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The Celebration

To celebrate my big day we planned to go out for the day, rather than just doing dinner or going clubbing. I’m more of a day person, where i can have fun all day long amidst mother nature, opposed to … Readmore +

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Macau – The New Vegas

2, 500 HK $ – thats how much i won this New Year gambling in Macau. Not bad ‘eh …. wait till u hear how much my hubby made … 7000 HK $ !!! Oh yes, we started the year … Readmore +

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African Cup Of Nations and Ofcourse something Sweet !

I don’t know how many of you followed the biggest sport event of the year in Africa, but since the past 3 weeks the whole continent has been glued to the tele for the 29th African Cup Of Nations , … Readmore +

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Coffee in Ethiopia

Sometimes I don’t know what I like more, tea or coffee. I have my tea days, where I’ll have anything from green to jasmine, rose bud, earl grey, mint, lavender … and then I have my coffee days … the … Readmore +

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Mumbai …

… as its being called lately, though i still prefer the good ole “Bombay”. Its a city of life, a melting pot of all the different religions and castes of India, a city of many foods and of course Bollywood. … Readmore +

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Reminiscing Hong Kong

Mango and Coconut Sago Dessert U cannot be a true Honkie if u haven’t got a passion for Sago.These little treats are a very important part of the Cantonese cuisine and can find them in almost every street corner, every … Readmore +

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Hey everyone how are ya ! I’ve been away for long and am so happy to be back. All you lovely people left me such wonderful messages while i was away.Thank you so much! Well I’m back now and all … Readmore +

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Yeah…finally ….HOME !!!

And after waiting for two painfully long months i am finally heading home.I cant tell you all how ecstatic i am.All of you must be tired of reading in my previous posts how much i need to get back n … Readmore +

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