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Gouda and Chicken Mousse Gougères

Traditionally Gougères are French savoury, cheesy puffs made from choux pastry. They are commonly made with Gruyère cheese and are very light – with a slightly crispy exterior and a moist tender interior. Typically they look like little golden balls … Readmore +

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Readmore Healthy Veggie Pizza Muffin

Healthy Veggie Pizza Muffins

I’m hoping all of you have had a lovely holiday and begun the New Year on a great note. A lot of new resolutions, a lot excitement, fervour and zest … I’m going to exercise more, I’m going to eat … Readmore +

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Pollenta Crusted Chilli stuffed with Cheese

I love a good chilli. Bright red, firm, packed with flavour, not too spicy yet with that certain edge. These chillis were just that and when I saw them at my local store I knew I had to pick them … Readmore +

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Tuna n Cheese Puffs

Its Sunday morning, you’re all geared up n packed to go to the beach, but everybody else in the house is sleeping and refuses to get up. Its past noon already and you’re trying really hard not to throw a … Readmore +

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French Onion Soup

There are few things more comforting than having a real French Onion Soup – slowly cooked, caramelized onions that turn mellow and sweet in a broth laced with white wine and Cognac. And to finish it off – crunchy baked … Readmore +

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Quick Fixes For That Odd Hungry Hour

Having a well stocked cupboard and fridge can make your life so easy and cooking such a pleasure. Make that effort once a week, get yourself organized and you’ll be sorted for the rest of the week. Have a well … Readmore +

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Ha Ha Halloumi !

So this started when i was chatting with a blogger friend M from Mango Power Girl – Seattle , she tellin me how cold it has become there already with temperatures just about touching 40 F and how due to … Readmore +

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Comfort Food – Cannelloni

Is it alright if i just told you how i made it, as i really don’t have a story behind it. It was lunch and it had to be a vegetarian one as i was sick of eating meat. Most … Readmore +

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Protein Packed Breakfast

Or as my husband calls it ” My version of Turkey Cheese Melt !”This was his creation and that to, a very fine one. He loves to cook and when we cook together the food in our house is at … Readmore +

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