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Matcha, Mascarpone n Dark Chocolate – Happiness !

Do you ever have one one those days, when you’re feeling a bit low, and you start wondering … why on earth is this happening to me ? Well last weekend I was feeling exceptionally low, and started asking myself “What is … Readmore +

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Decadent Date Balls

Hell no ! Not that date :p …where is your mind ?? And no those are not truffles … but something even better and healthier. I’m talking about the fruit – date ! Breaking the fast with dates is a … Readmore +

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Kaju Katli

This one goes out to a dear friend. The same friend, for whom exactly 12 years ago this day, i attempted to bake my very first cheesecake … the memory is still so clear in my head … i was … Readmore +

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Melting Moments … Literally !

I’d definitely give this a 0/10 for presentation. I cannot tell you how ashamed i am to even share this you. God knows i tried to make a pretty one. Unfortunately for me Ghana is going though a crazy heat … Readmore +

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Chocolate Cake and Globe Trotting

If you are wondering why i havent put up a post yet, i can explain that. I’ve been busy travelling for the past 9 days. Been to Hongkong, Koh Samui, China and am now in Mumbai. Too many things things … Readmore +

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These are good enough to satisfy any chocolate craving. There’s dark and then there’s white. Double the goodness double the richness. The mint in the white chocolate frosting cuts through the sweetness and adds that extra element of freshness and … Readmore +

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Don’t Talk … Just Eat !

Oven Baked Chicken With Potatoes & Garlic 1 chicken jointed and cut into 8 pieces 100 gms melted butter fresh thyme sage 10 whole cloves of garlic 2 potatoes sliced salt and pepper to taste olive oil This time, fortunately … Readmore +

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Double Treat And A Meme

This is probably the first time i am sincerely following up a meme. I know i haven’t in the past and like to apologize to all those who tagged me and i didn’t follow up. I’m sure there was an … Readmore +

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Coffee in Ethiopia

Sometimes I don’t know what I like more, tea or coffee. I have my tea days, where I’ll have anything from green to jasmine, rose bud, earl grey, mint, lavender … and then I have my coffee days … the … Readmore +

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Chocolate Squash Cupcakes with Marzipan Centers

So I’ve started cleaning my store and am really shocked at the amt of ingredients I’ve stocked up, hoping someday I’ll make this n I’ll make that. Of course i realize I’m going to have to give away a lot … Readmore +

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Sunday Fiasco and Cheesecake

Imagine …. you have friends coming over for Sunday lunch, which was planned over a week in advance, and they’ve requested Chinese. U are excited and want to impress, so you go all out and plan a really fancy menu… … Readmore +

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Chocolate Almond n Toffee Squares

I’ve been wanting to make these for a long time and share them with you. And at what better time did i end up getting them ready than today – 12th Oct – Eid … Just checked i am in … Readmore +

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Spoonfull of Chocolate

CHOCOLATE AND ALMOND MADELEINES This is probably the fastest way to consume chocolate … just put it in your mouth, chew a bit and swallow ! For all those who are chocolate addicts like me and need a fix almost … Readmore +

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Banoffee Tarts and Happiness :D

I’m very happy for 2 reasons today. Firstly, because today I finally got myself to make tarts – which by the way is an achievement for me as i have been procrastinating it almost forever. Dunno why, but haven’t you … Readmore +

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Lamintons For Sunshine Cafe

Ok , so you’re probably saying- “she’s done these before !’ Well i’m guilty but not totally. I did make lamingtons earlier here and they are just the regular chocolate lamingtons. The last time i made them and gave them … Readmore +

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Twist on Tiramisu

Its just one of those days when u are craving for something sweet, actually particularly for Tiramisu, so u set of for the kitchen, and start making it, only to realize u dont have rum and cocoa powder.But u still … Readmore +

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Happy Birthday Again !

Well i couldn’t just sit peacefully after yesterdays disaster, even though all you wonderful people loved it and wrote me such lovely comments ! I had all morning free so decided to give it another go. But this time i … Readmore +

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Birthday Buddies !

It is not everyday that u find a blogger friend who shares the same birthday as you.A couple of weeks back the HHDD mousse contest was going on and out of the blues i thought of participating.I submitted my entry … Readmore +

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