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Pan Fried Snapper in Goan Marinade & Lemon Rice

Some days don’t you wish you could take off from your hectic work schedules and spend a leisurely day, basking in the sun, stretch your legs out, or lie down on a pristine and serene beach. Smell the ocean, and hear the waves crash, saunter barefoot on a sandy shoreline or dip your toes in cold water. The smell of the salty sea and mouth watering barbecued seafood is what I’m talking about. I’m thinking of beaches in Europe – experience Spain … Readmore +

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Baby Barracuda

When you think Barracuda, what comes to your mind ? … ( no not the song by Heart ! ) … the fish – big, long, vicious, sharp teeth, ugly but nice chunky meat, barbecue 🙂 And then you come … Readmore +

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Fish Taouk

This is one of those dishes, which after eating you give yourself a pat on your back n say ” Well done !”. I’ve eaten Chicken taouk, lamb n beef taouk but Fish taouk ? Never ! So I wondered … Readmore +

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Simple Fresh Food

Most of the times its not the cooking that is difficult, its thinking what to cook that’s difficult ! Specially when its hot you’re stuck indoors and u feel like having nothing else but some chilled iced tea/beer. As usual … Readmore +

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Green Tea Risotto with Pan Fried Cassava

Was sipping on some green tea and thinking of trying a healthier version of risotto when it suddenly hit me.Green tea risotto ! No butter, no cheese, no cream, green tea instead – Cant get healthier.Must confess was a little … Readmore +

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2 Swords

Was just reading this interesting article on Lucullian delights – “Do we need editors?” where it is discussed that do bloggers need editors to write well?Cuz if u might’ve noticed that we have beautiful blogs out there with wonderful pictures … Readmore +

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