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Tropical Pineapple Rice

One of the great things in Ghana is the Sunshine. Not only in the skies, but on everyone’s faces.  If you haven’t already heard this … Ghanaian’s are amongst the friendliest in all African countries. But Ghana is also very … Readmore +

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Yam Balls

Black magic and Yam are amongst the many things Ghana is famous for. “Juju”as it is called locally, is still practiced till date, and I have heard such strange stories, sometimes, I doubt if there are even real. But I … Readmore +

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Hiring Anyone ???

I absolutely couldn’t resist this one. Appeared in today’s newspaper – ‘Spectator’ in Ghana. So let me you if any of you are interested, this poor guy needs a job … :p

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Ghanaian Jollof Rice & Beef Kebab

As you’ve probably guessed I’m back in Ghana. And ever since I’ve gotten here, all i want to eat is the local cuisine. Been away for too long, and had an overdose of the Desi Indian food. Knowing me n … Readmore +

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Can you tell the difference between a banana and a plantain ? Well actually about 5 yrs ago i couldn’t . I used to be like …. ahh whats the big deal … its just a big banana ! Haha … Readmore +

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The Celebration

To celebrate my big day we planned to go out for the day, rather than just doing dinner or going clubbing. I’m more of a day person, where i can have fun all day long amidst mother nature, opposed to … Readmore +

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Flower Power

Hibiscus is not only a beautiful flower to look at, but also a very useful one. It has numerous medicinal values, and it has been used for centuries by Indians, Mexicans , Egyptians , Malaysians, Chinese, Africans … practically by … Readmore +

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Hey everyone how are ya ! I’ve been away for long and am so happy to be back. All you lovely people left me such wonderful messages while i was away.Thank you so much! Well I’m back now and all … Readmore +

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Yeah…finally ….HOME !!!

And after waiting for two painfully long months i am finally heading home.I cant tell you all how ecstatic i am.All of you must be tired of reading in my previous posts how much i need to get back n … Readmore +

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Pepe & Yam

Pepe & yam are a marriage made in heaven. Just like strawberries n cream, bread n butter, sushi n wasabi, fish n chips, pizza n cheese .. .. .. .The first time when i came to Accra i was offered … Readmore +

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Chocolate Valentines !

Woke up today morning and thought i do an article on Chocolate (being Valentines n all).So i showered got ready had breakfast n got out by 9 a.m only to have my driver missing and the scorching hot sun on … Readmore +

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Ghanian Palm Nut Soup

This is actually the first time i saw what a palm nut looks like …My house maid was making some for her husband (Our guard) and i just happened to be there at the right time with my camera ofcourse.She … Readmore +

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