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Puy Lentils – Masoor Dal

Dal is one of those Indian meals, that is enjoyed the world over. I wish it was easy to categorize dals but there are so many types and variations that it is just not possible to. Within India itself the … Readmore +

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From The Streets of Surat – Rassawalla Khaman Dhokla

Long ago, in 1969, at the old city of Surat (Gujarat), on Balaji road, stood a grandiose structure of stone. The ‘Balaji girls’ high school.’ Radhika and Bhavna aged 8 and 6 studied there. These young sisters, like every other … Readmore +

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Tandoori Prawns for Rasa Malaysia

Everybody loves a good tandoori, but very few really know the history behind it. The recipe originated in the early 1900’s in Peshawar – then India. It started with chicken marinated in yogurt and spices, and then cooked in a … Readmore +

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Dal Roti

Dal and Roti are among India’s oldest food items. They are the most basic vegetarian diet available. The closest equivalent in the West can only be Bread and Butter. They even occupy the same mental space as B & B. … Readmore +

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Qeema Paratha

Qeema in Hindi means mince. Paratha i guess all of you are familiar with. A paratha can be stuffed with just about anything thats dry. What i have made here is lamb mince parathas. Very traditionally Indian this one is … Readmore +

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Scallops 5 Ways

So as you all know monopoly didn’t really work out, we ended up staying at home not really in the mood for any outdoor activity. Figured i’d have to make lunch and got out a tray of 10 fresh Australian … Readmore +

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Bowled In !

The ICC Cricket World Cup has begun and its really got us all hooked onto our screens.Group matches have commenced and so has our betting.Sadly i lost 50 bucks yesterday on Pakistan vs West Indies but i hope to recover … Readmore +

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