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Mumbai Style Keema-Pav

” Pav ” – Its not your fancy posh bread, but its what feeds millions of Mumbai-ites. Pav is a local basic white bread. But trust me when I say this, there is nothing quite like it out there. Knead to a soft … Readmore +

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Mutton Rara

Mutton Rara … the name makes you think, doesn’t it? Why Ra-ra? Why not Ba-ba? Or Fa-fa? There’s definitely got to be a story behind it. And so the legend goes … The Chhota Nawab of Awadh, and the Rajkumari … Readmore +

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Qeema Paratha

Qeema in Hindi means mince. Paratha i guess all of you are familiar with. A paratha can be stuffed with just about anything thats dry. What i have made here is lamb mince parathas. Very traditionally Indian this one is … Readmore +

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Ghanian Palm Nut Soup

This is actually the first time i saw what a palm nut looks like …My house maid was making some for her husband (Our guard) and i just happened to be there at the right time with my camera ofcourse.She … Readmore +

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