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Hearty Moroccan Zero-Oil Stew

Its a Moroccan soup alright, but with an Indian influence. If you ever got down to noticing, the variety and species of lentils and pulses India has, I doubt any other country enjoys. Within India itself different states have different … Readmore +

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Lanzhou Pulled Chicken Spicy Cilantro Soup

There are noodles, and then there is the greatest noodle dish of all, Lanzhou Lamiàn. I remember wolfing down bowls of these from my trips to China and what mesmerized me most, was how the “lamiàn” / noodles were made. … Readmore +

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Harira (Moroccan Soup ) for Ramadan

It’s that time of year again. When the Masjids’ begin to fill and there is a Ramadan spirit in the air. Ladies are dawning their hijabs whilst the age old Qurans’ laying dormant on top of selves gathering dust, are … Readmore +

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Potato, Celery & Chicken Soup

Addiction. There are so many kinds. Some good for you some bad. Obsession. There are too many of those too. Few that could do you good and few that could make your life a living hell. Is there a difference … Readmore +

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French Onion Soup

There are few things more comforting than having a real French Onion Soup – slowly cooked, caramelized onions that turn mellow and sweet in a broth laced with white wine and Cognac. And to finish it off – crunchy baked … Readmore +

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I asked for 1 and I got 7! Sent my driver to buy them for me and clearly told him, please buy me 1 avocado, he came back with 7 … “but madam, I thought you like some more” Well, … Readmore +

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A Healthier Option This time

I was really trying NOT to make a sweet post this time. I’ve been eating far too much butter and sugar lately and the results are quite evident. 2 inches on my waistline and 4 kgs overweight :(( U know, … Readmore +

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Dal Roti

Dal and Roti are among India’s oldest food items. They are the most basic vegetarian diet available. The closest equivalent in the West can only be Bread and Butter. They even occupy the same mental space as B & B. … Readmore +

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Popeye’s Dream Soup

Another blog post in quick succession ! That’s cuz i made this yummy soup today and had to share it with you. As a kid i hated spinach and used to get grounded everytime i would not eat it ….. … Readmore +

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Ghanian Palm Nut Soup

This is actually the first time i saw what a palm nut looks like …My house maid was making some for her husband (Our guard) and i just happened to be there at the right time with my camera ofcourse.She … Readmore +

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