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Mutton Rara

Mutton Rara … the name makes you think, doesn’t it? Why Ra-ra? Why not Ba-ba? Or Fa-fa? There’s definitely got to be a story behind it. And so the legend goes … The Chhota Nawab of Awadh, and the Rajkumari … Readmore +

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Dal Roti

Dal and Roti are among India’s oldest food items. They are the most basic vegetarian diet available. The closest equivalent in the West can only be Bread and Butter. They even occupy the same mental space as B & B. … Readmore +

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Qeema Paratha

Qeema in Hindi means mince. Paratha i guess all of you are familiar with. A paratha can be stuffed with just about anything thats dry. What i have made here is lamb mince parathas. Very traditionally Indian this one is … Readmore +

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Bowled In !

The ICC Cricket World Cup has begun and its really got us all hooked onto our screens.Group matches have commenced and so has our betting.Sadly i lost 50 bucks yesterday on Pakistan vs West Indies but i hope to recover … Readmore +

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