Vietnamese Pho with Spicy Sichuan Lamb Chops

  What do you crave for a meal on a very rainy day? Most of you would lean towards something warm right? Perhaps something spicy something what would tickle all your senses. Well yes I’m right there too. With heavy … Readmore +

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Readmore Korean Kimchi Rice + Spicy Chicken

Korean Kimchi Rice with Spicy Korean Chicken and a bit about How We Eat Our Food

Here’s a question – Are you a slow eater or a fast one? If your answer is slow congratulations, but If you’re a fast eater, its time to shift gears. That’s because the slower you eat, the faster you metabolise. … Readmore +

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Lanzhou Pulled Chicken Spicy Cilantro Soup

There are noodles, and then there is the greatest noodle dish of all, Lanzhou Lamiàn. I remember wolfing down bowls of these from my trips to China and what mesmerized me most, was how the “lamiàn” / noodles were made. … Readmore +

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