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The Very Versatile Tea

When you pair the unique ingredient of loose tea leaves with a love for cooking and baking, the unlikely marriage delights the taste buds with indulgent and exotic flavors. Are you bored with rotating your dessert recipes and meal plans? … Readmore +

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Mumbai Masala Chai

You must admit that some things just taste  so much better when had from and on the streets. Chai definitely classifies as one of them. The masala chai served at Starbucks would loose hands-down compared to the Chai from the … Readmore +

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Beat the Heat ….

… with this fantastic summer Nectarine Iced Tea, followed by my White Chocolate and Blueberry Mousse. If you are wondering why these 2 random choices for my blog post … well honestly, I’ve been lazy, unmotivated and just out of … Readmore +

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Aloe Summer Coolers and Paying It Forward

I’m sure everyone is familiar with Aloe Vera. Very famous for all its wonderful properties Aloe Vera is probably consumed by everyone in some form or the other. If you like to know more about its health benefits you can … Readmore +

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Flower Power

Hibiscus is not only a beautiful flower to look at, but also a very useful one. It has numerous medicinal values, and it has been used for centuries by Indians, Mexicans , Egyptians , Malaysians, Chinese, Africans … practically by … Readmore +

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