A new twist on the classic British dessert – Banoffee. Got to admit this is one of those desserts that is extremely sweet and a large portion can be a bit too much sometimes, unless of course you have a really sweet tooth. With toffee/Dulce de leche, and bananas being the heart of this dessert, this one does get a bit heavy. I’ve made banoffee a couple of times before, sometimes like an open pie, a cheesecake and banoffee tarts and guests almost always couldn’t finish a portion. Since I do love the dessert I thought I’d give it one more go before writing it off , n hey guess what ! It worked ! Banoffee Verriens in little shot glasses. No extra trimmings, no tart shells nor cheesecake bases to make it heavy. Just the real deal in small portions. Very satisfying … I’d say this one is a keeper.

Toffee/Dulce de leche is sweetened condensed reduced till it thickens. I usually just boil a can of sweetened condensed milk for about 2-3 hrs over a medium flame, with the water covering the can at all times, but this time I did a cheats version and it helped. I boiled the can for an hour , opened it, and poured it out in a nonstick saucepan, and cooked it again, stirring continuously till it thickened. Now I’m guessing the next time, I’ll just skip the boiling altogether n try cooking it straightaway.  Since this is just 3 shot glasses of dessert, the ingredients requires are really small. The smallest can I could get my hands was 225gms, and there was some left over … always an excuse to make more again 🙂


  • 3 digestive biscuits
  • 100 ml unsweetened whipped cream
  • 2 small bananas
  • roughly 6 – 8 tablespoons of dulce de leche

Crush the biscuits in the dry grinder to get an even smooth texture. Slice the banana into thin slices and dip them in lightly salted water and pat them dry. This will prevent them from going dark, and retain their colour. Now simply layer them, starting biscuit first, then the dulce de leche, topped whipped cream then with bananas ( mine kinda sunk in the cream and hence not showing. If you like them all to show, wait till the cream sets, then start over ) and repeat the layers again.

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Comment :

That is one divine dessert! Irresistibly scrumptuous!




Thank You Rosa … you somehow, always manage to come here first 🙂

I have a very sweet tooth becoz I am a very sweet guy, hahahaha. Lovely banofee! And you uses shooter glasses to hold it, very neat and smart!

I love this idea Kate! I too find banofee a little “rich”..so serving it like this in shot glasses is a fantastic dinner party ending.


Kenny … haha i agree you a really sweet guy, a perfect dessert for you la !

Peter, yeah … rich desserts are always more appreciated in smaller portions 🙂

I adore Banoffee, and you presentation is stunning.

i love how you reinvented banoffee pie!

Oh my, you’ve totally cracked the code! Instead of mini-banoffee pies, banoffee verrines, and so much lighter than having it in pastry. I am totally stealing this one from you. And gorgeous styling, I love that mesh you used underneath it.

Wonderful photograph Kajal.

Love the way you have used depth of field to enhance the photograph and its impact. Absolutely love the color in the first photograph.

Use of shallow depth of field (or selective focus) has amazingly helped the photograph and the Banoffee pops out of the photo and I am droooling…

Kudos on the photography and thank you for sharing with us and making us hungry.


Maninas n Peachkins thanks 🙂

Hilda … haha I hope you make it.

Neel … thanks for dropping by and appreciating my photography. Makes me very happy to read your lovely comment.

Oh this is absolute genius!! I love banoffee, but it’s true, it can get to be too much sometimes. Keeping this in mind. Thanks 🙂

Love the verrine idea!

What a fantastic idea to have these in little verrines and it looks beautiful too! I tend to find banoffee too sweet but yes, I am sure these tiny portions will work much better!

What a great idea and such *gorgeous* styling – loving the blue/orange/brown combo.

What beautiful photos! I always feel that such care has been taken with a dessert if it comes in a small portion like this – makes me appreciate it more.


Avanika , yeah i think small is good with banoffee.

mycookinghut 🙂

Simone … I assure you they do , I actually enjoyed having them, instead of force feeding myself. That tends to happen when you make stuff yourself n then cant stay away from it …. lol

Mowie , thanks *blushing* :p

Cookin’ Canuck , 🙂 me too.

Oh, this looks so good. I’ve never actually had banoffee before and I want to give it a try. It sounds easy! I LOVE dulce de leche, I always make my own.

yummy it looks delicious and check! I have all the ingredients at home yay!

Delicious & love your version of Banoffee pie!!

i absolutely adore banoffee pie, what an interesting twist on it. the photo really pops out, lovely.

Delicious! A great comfort food. 🙂

What a lovely dessert…like the simplicity and yet so elegant. Nice pictures as well 🙂

I’ve made this so many times (my husband loves them) but never thought of this de-construct. This is definitely the way to go. Looks gorgeous too.

What a cool idea to serve these in individual portions, in through see glasses,…must taste fab!



Wow!Even small portion looks very delicious!

Beautiful verrines! 🙂 I find that it’s actually the banana that helps to keep the sweetness from going overboard 🙂


Now those are “shots” I could totally digest! What a cute way of serving dessert, has my head spinning at the possibilities.
I’m very scared of the whole boiling a can for dulce de leche process, i just envision explosions and shrapnel and caramel all over the ceiling. I heard a tip about just baking the condensed milk in the oven (sans can of course!) that I’d like to try.

I love these shots! I don’t care for dulce de leche (that much) but I would eat this verrine, it is so beautiful and appetizing. Perfect size too.


Oh my does this look good, I love the name BANOFEE heh heh heh and I like that it’s bite size — it makes me feel less guilty 🙂 Beautiful dessert Kajal!

looks tempting as helll!!u always surprise me and also keep getting better!

anko u jus keep getting better…this looks unreal!

This is a genius take on Banoffee dessert. It looks presentable and will be very convenient to serve at parties. Banoffee Pie is one dessert that I cannot make very often, but when I do, it’s heaven for my family. Good thing I found your blog and this recipe. I can now make Banoffee dessert regularly that my family will absolutely enjoy. I appreciate you for sharing this. Thank you.

Wow this looks amazing. I love the presentation in shot glasses. Definitely will be making this for next party. Great website too!!!! Please check out my site…www.dishyourstory.com. Would be great for you to share a story!

This looks delicious! I love the presentation in the shot glasses. Can’t wait to make this for my next party!! I also love the website…great recipes and pictures too!

Check out my website…dishyourstory.com – would be great for you to share a story.

Thanks for sharing your recipes!

Oh wow!! I have been making banoffee pie for some time now have never thought about putting them in little glasses like this – they look absolutely stunning! Thanks for the idea, I’ll be giving this a go very soon!


I will definitely be making this soon! It looks incredible.

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