3 I think is a wonderful age. The little ones are not so little anymore, growing into little individuals & getting smarter and cuter by the minute. Its that stage when they (boys specially) have found their diction and cannot stop amusing you with their stories, their questions and answers … They are undoubtedly naughtier, but they are also more independent, fully toilet trained, they eat better and are even responsible. They are very affectionate and not shy or ashamed of saying ” Mamma I love you ” and you can kiss them and squeeze them and they won’t fuss. I know this pleasure is short lived, and before you know, they’ll be all grown up and will go, ” Yuk ! Mom don’t embarrass me, or Mom please don’t kiss me in front of everyone !” Haha don’t we all wish they’d remain this age for a long time, so we could cherish them for the longest time possible !?! At 3 they still ask for your hand when walking and still think that an afternoon doing groceries or buying doors is the best plan ever. They’re easily satisfied opening and closing all the doors of the store or running up n down the escalators. One bag of chips in their hands and they’re content. I can’t imagine when the time will come where I’ll be bargaining with the little one, hey how about the iPad 6 instead of the iPhone S 2018 or whatever the latest thing would be then. These are beautiful days, and I’m soaking in every moment of it. Enjoying being a mother.

My son turned 3 this weekend, and he wanted a Thomas Train party. Its his new obsession and he’s been going crazy about all things Thomas. He insisted ofcourse on a Thomas Cake, and I believe the heart of a party lies in a good cake. The cake has got to be the star attraction. I’m so crazy about birthday cake, that I’m probably one of the few adults at a kiddie party waiting for the cake to be cut so I can get my slice. And if the cake does not live up to my expectation, I’m not giving the party a all 10. A birthday cake for me is a traditional buttercream frosted cake. I’m crazy about buttercream. Its sweet as hell, but I love it. Cake here in India, is usually sweeter than the cakes I have in Hong Kong and Japan. In fact much sweeter, and the culprit is a thick over sweet ganache and sugar syrup and sometimes, a bad cake itself. So its very difficult so find someone who does the perfect cake. I could’ve baked myself, but truth be told, I’ve never done a 5 kg cake and I don’t know head nor tail of sugar craft and decorating. And without that a birthday cake is no fun. There is however one lady who is marvellous at it. In fact so good, you’d probably think the cake was flown down from one of those fancy stores in the US. She has a cute little store tucked in the by lanes of Bandra -Pali Hill, which goes by the name of Butterfly Cupcake. If you’d had the good fortune to sample one of her cupcakes, you’d know what I’m talking about. Shaana Gwynne, the woman responsible for making my son the best cake anyone possibly could. It looked so good and tasted even better. The detailing done with the sugar craft, the cake design, the finish and the taste were all top notch. So this post is a big shout out to Shaana, saying Thank You for the lovely cake, you made Rian’s day and mine too. Its a day after the party and I cant stop stuffing my face with it. I’m at fridge door every 30 mins carving out a slice, ‘cuz I just cant get enough of it.



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Your son is very cute and that cake is splendid!




Thanks Rosa 🙂

Belated b’day wishes to lil king…..that’s an nice art work cake…love it….

That’s a gorgeous cake. I like Butterfly’s cupcakes, but their frosting is too sweet for me. On a cake it should be balanced much better. Happy Birthday to your son 🙂


Belated Happy Birthday to Rian! Wow — time flies! The cake seems like very inviting! Thanks for sharing!

You have a beautiful son. What a fantastic Birthday cake. I guess the cake was way too nice to cut a slice out of it?

That’s a gorgeous cake. I like Butterfly’s cupcakes

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