Everybody in my family is a great cook….which left me with no choice but to get into the competition and prove myself. I think i’m doing quite ok … its just that now everytime i try and make something nice and especially bake everybody is running in different directions ….. why ??? ……coz they all hold me responsible for putting on weight :-))

I love Baking and i believe its an ultimate stress buster .

Love the beach n love Tiesto

Married to the cutest guy on this planet … for 5 wonderful years !

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noreply@blogger.com (sheetu)

Since it’s not really defined what I’m supppose to type in this section….I’ll do as I please. I’m gonna say a few words about Kajal a.k.a. APPLEMINT! It’s only recent since we’ve actually gotten to know each other but we clicked rite from the get go and well it seems like I’ve know her for ages!! She’s loud / abnoxious / funny / creative / caring / unique and can make one cup of coffee last for 2hrs….well maybe not the coffee but time seems to just fly when you’re with her. She’s definatly married to the cutest guy in the world…and she better find me one half as amazing as I’m up at 1:00am typing out all this for her. She’s a beach freak and I’m sure she fantasies about Tiesto and being the honest soul that she is her hubby probably knows all about it. Luv ya sweetie!!!

noreply@blogger.com (spike)

hi there,
have known kajal for more than 6 yrs now,
i remember having the the rava ka halwa without sugar, but that was half a decade back, anyways, as of now i actually have to run away from her,,, not because she does not cook good( she has evolved into a very good cook) coz she keeps stuffing me way past my limit.. 🙂 .

– sunil

noreply@blogger.com (Karan)

What do I say about Anky? She has always been the most stable headed person I’ve known. And I’m not kidding.. Behind that fun exterior lies a wise and sensible head. You could always turn to her for advice. She’s also generous to a fault, always having taken care of us younger cousins,especially when it came to spending money on ice creams, etc.(:P) As everybody knows, she’s good at everything. Be it singing (that award at school!!) to sketching/painting to making the most amazing greeting cards. And now cooking and photography! Which brings me to the one complaint I have with her – how come I’ve only eaten Maggi and scrambled eggs made by her!

noreply@blogger.com (Kuzubambina)

i love your blog and i love tiesto too 😀

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