was a much awaited vaction and was definately worth it. Spent our New Years holiday in Amari Beach Resort…a fantastic resort with great service and the best location on Chaweng Beach.
The sun was just perfect after the slightly chilly weather in Hong Kong.Had’nt soaked in the water for a while now and could’nt wait to jump in the ocean.

“Sawadika” is definately the most said word there, as we heard it all the time- wherever we went.It means Welcome … but u have to say it thru your nose.My hubby couldnt get enough of it…he use to say it all the time- morning to evening just to piss the hell outta me…and it worked.
All in all it was a wonderful vacation a fantastic experience with wonderful beaches and food to die for.Did’nt manage to get any shots of the food as we very always so damn hungy, that even before i could think of getting out the camera the food was gone. We even went on a fishing trip of which again i have no snaps as i got so sea sick i could’nt even stand up leave aside taking pictures !

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noreply@blogger.com (sheetu)

Wow….looks like a piece of heaven on earth. I’m sure you guys will think about going back….don’t forget to PACK me along!!

noreply@blogger.com (neetu)

Dear Kajal,

Well done wish you all the best,hope we will enjoy many more great blogs!!

keep it up,

God Bless


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