Woke up today morning and thought i do an article on Chocolate (being Valentines n all).So i showered got ready had breakfast n got out by 9 a.m only to have my driver missing and the scorching hot sun on my head(by 9 can u imagine!).But he came back a few calls and swearwords after.But thats not what i’m here to talk about , so getting back to the topic…
I’m sure u are all aware that Ghanian cocoa is famous all over the world for its high quality.Ghana has been growing cocoa since the 1870’s.Until 1980 Ghana was the worlds largest producer of cocoa.It is currently the second largest producer doing over a million tonnes a year.Now thats what i call quantity !It may interest you that buyers of this particular cocoa pay US$50 more due to its high quality of beans.Often called as “Black Gold”.But let me tell u if u get close to the pods when they are drying/fermenting….ah they stink…to the 7th heaven.U could never imagine that they make chocolate out of that stuff.

Luckily i happen to live(temporarily) around the area where all the action happens.Tema.So i headed of harbour side cuz thats where the farmers bring the cocoa beans.The loading point.Its from here that they sort out the goods and send them to the other unit where they process it.I got out of the car with my camera strapped around my neck and a gr8 big smile on my face and approached the security guard.To my disappointment he said i could not get in and under no circumstances click any kinda photographs. :-(( I tried to sound like this big journalist doin a very important article on the Ghanian cocoa n all but he refused to buy that crap.Then one of the big guys was passing by and the guard said i shud speak to him.I did…he told me i needed written permission n bla bla n how they dont allow pictures due to security reasons…n more bla bla….and somewhere in that bla bla i heard him say…”but if u are gonna steal and take the snaps i cant do anything about it “.Wow…now he was talkin…i think he kinda figured out that i was’nt gonna cause security breach or let out their secrets…harmless little me :-))So i did click these pictures real quick before anyone could see .
And then a little away from the harbour is the free zone where all the factories are located and so is the Cocoa processing Company.Of course this time i did not even try getting out of the car and just clicked from inside.Inspite of which the guys on the street started yellin….cant imagine why ?
Golden Tree is the Ghanian Company for local consumption.

It was a pretty big place and i wonder what all these towers are fillied with….melted chocolate!!!!
And this would be like the African Willy Wonka Chocolate factory….sigh but i would never find out…

These are what the cleaned cocoa beans look like.Pretty much like almonds.Had to bribe the security guard to get these.They smelled a bit like chocolate.But very little.

Like i said Golden tree manufactures some of the coco for local consumption and the quality is A 1.Its sad though they dont do much for the locals and export almost all of it outside.The baking chocolate is so fresh and melts as soon as u start cookin it.I always buy tonns of it before i leave so i can use it in HK.Could’nt use any other when i am previliged enough to get these.

And so the featured recipe for today is Chocolate Cake…Tada….
Not an original idea and i must give the credit for this one to Chocolate and Zucchini….
The recipe was from her all i changed a bit was the selection of the topping.
I used sunflowerseeds(which i peeled with my own hands…gosh u’re probably wondering i must have a lot of time on my hands) and toasted almonds with raspberry jam.Turned out just wonderful…melt in your mouth texture…!

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Comment :

noreply@blogger.com (Freya)

Looks just as good as the original! Delicious!

noreply@blogger.com (Tony)

well done or in ghnanian “ayekoo” !

noreply@blogger.com (Voidan)

Served with those flowers look more… hmm… poetic than this one of Clotilde from C&Z. I made mine with red currant jam & almonds. Combination that is worth to try 😉

noreply@blogger.com (Sheetu)

Yet another delicious creation…thk god I joined the gym!
You really know how to pass your time down in Africa huh. How many ovens you got running at a time.
But I’m not complaing!!!

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