Was just reading this interesting article on this other food blog┬áLucullian delights – “Do we need editors?” where it is discussed that do bloggers need editors to write well?Cuz if u might’ve noticed that we have beautiful blogs out there with wonderful pictures and recipes and above all the perfect text.Suddenly everyone is writing well and “proper” without any mistakes.Rather professional looking matter just like you would read in a magazine or cook book.Aren’t blogs supposed to be a media to express yourself and not having to worry about hiring blog designers or using editors…isn’t it supposed to just be something u did from your heart as it flowed out without tweaking and editing it.Just like cooking is…from the heart.I would love to read blogs with a more informal touch to it where people are using slang, writing stuff that may matter to them, and just being themselves.That would make reading more fun.Like peaking into someones personal diary :-)….well so everyone here too is free to leave a comment and share with me how u feel on this issue…while i do a little ‘show and tell’ about what i had for lunch today.

For a change today i’m not posting anything sweet, but just something i had for lunch.

swordfish oriental style with fresh salad rice.”

: Try and get your hands on some banana leaves…very very imp.I took an easier option
though…i spotted some plantain(almost bananas) trees in my neighbours house and decided to use that instead.So make sure if u have that option that u ask

them first and i dont see why anyone shud mind that but if they do then just wait till he/she steps out and then very quietly just jump over a steal a couple of them.Make sure they have no dogs or i would suggest then that u either go buy some or use baking paper instead.But thats no fun.So having got your hands on some leaves,wash them-well,and then trim off the fat stem at the back of the leaf so that u can manage it better and fold it..or else the leaf will snap and tear.


(neighbour’s plantain tree)

Step 2 :Run the leaf over a gas flame at a distance.what this does is softens the leaf a bit releasing its oils and all the flavours.Also making it very managable and easy to fold.Saw this on Jamie Oliver’s naked chef a couple of yrs ago and been doing it ever since.

Step 3 : Marinate the fish(i’ve taken swordfish)any fish of ur choice…grouper goes really well with this as well so does fresh tuna or cassava..in light soya sauce, grated ginger, chopped green chilli,sesame oil,pinch of salt.Place this in the centre of the banana leaf a

nd place some spring onion greens and corriander on top.Now fold the leaves making a neat parcel and tie up well.

Step 4 :Place in a bamboo steamer and steam for about 10 mins.

For the rice just steam it and once its ready mix in some chopped corriander, spring onion greens,salad leaves chopped ,and salt.This adds freshness to the rice and goes wonderfully with the fish.


Could’ve made this with lemon grass and coconut milk with garlic and red chillis with a dash of fish sauce and corriander and that would be a Thai version of the same thing.But my hubby is not a big fan of coconut so we opted for the Chinese version.The steaming makes the fish release its own juices and so there was sufficient sauce to go with the rice.

P.S. – note i forgot to put a piece of fresh corriander for the garnish to make a pretty picture as i didn’t have the patience and wanted to dig my chopsticks in and eat it before it got cold.Hope u don’t mind.Why the header 2 SWORDS …..cuz i used 2 pieces of swordfish …duh..!
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noreply@blogger.com (Linda)

this looks absolutely amazing. the presentation is mouth-dropping. you are such a talented photographer. thanks for sharing this recipe! i can’t wait to use this method!

noreply@blogger.com (ces)

oh i love the idea of mixing salad greens and some spiCes into rice! thanks! another great food blog…yummy and lovely photos!

noreply@blogger.com (Rachael)

Seriously, are you a professional photographer? These pictures are INCREDIBLE!


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