Sunday was a day well spent for me.After a long long time a couple of friends got together for a session of monopoly – recreating our childhood days(…er…not exactly, as somewhere in the middle someone was suggesting strip monopoly).I remember as kids we adored this game and spent endless summer afternoons loosing ourselves to buying and selling ,making homes and hotels and sometimes cheating:-)).Mum used to tear her hair apart trying to get us to come and eat or shower or sleep.If we had not finished the game we would actually set it aside very carefully in the corner so that we could resume the next day.Those were the days….sigh.Mum used to make us special treats and it was the best time ever.Its a shame that kids today have chosen the PSP and Video games over these classic board games.I dont have kids as yet so am not really in touch with what they are upto these days but i know they are not having as much fun as we did.
My friend made awesome lunch-the worlds best beef kebabs in peanut paste and palm nut oil, babaganoush, mind blowing zatar, rosto in garlic sauce,mashed potatoes …..the works.

Me on the other hand did’nt have to do much…just made some Chocolate Mousse(by popular demand) .I swear by this recipe as its very basic ,so simple and still so rich , light, fuffy and moist all at the same time. A healthier option to many high calorie desserts.
I have made it on so many ocassions and it has never failed me.Its a crowd pleaser.

Chocolate Mousse

  • 200gms dark chocolate
  • 3 large eggs seperated
  • 120 ml water
  • 40gms castor sugar
  • a shot of Cointreau(or any prefered alcohol)
  • plus extra chocolate for shavings

Melt the chocolate and water together over simmering water(i used the microwave).After it melts and gets all glossy add the egg yolks and cointreau n mix well.Set aside to cool meanwhile beat the eggwhites.When it reaches the soft peak stage add the sugar bit by bit until it forms stiff peaks.Fold the eggwhites a little at a time in the chocolate mixture.Try not to loose the air as u’ll need it to be a as light and fluffy as u can make it.Then just pour into any cup, or dish thatu are plannin to serve it it.Cover with cling ilm and chill for a couple of hrs.I usually keep it overnight.Next day just sprinkle loads of chocolate shavings.Its a nice contrast of textures.
I used this recipe x 3 for a big dish like that.


Some fresh fruits and some whipped cream to go with it and u can hear everybody’s ooh’s n aah’s and that just brings a big smile to your face.
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Comment : (Sheetu)

That’s it??? It’s as simple as that to make chocolate mousse?
And with the chocolate shavings it looks even more tempting. Seems like you’ve out done yourself again!! YUM (Rachel)

How pretty! (gilly)

Hi Kate – your chocolate mousse looks lovely (and easy to make)! I love the chocolate curls! And the fruit kabobs look like a top-notch accompaniment. (chouchi)

Kate, your mouse looks fantastic and i know it would taste even better! Fruits with it? Intimate. Thank God it’s still February, the chocolate month. Nice one. (chouchi)

Kate, your mouse looks fantastic and i know it would taste even better! Fruits with it? Intimate. Thank God it’s still February, the chocolate month. Nice one. (Anonymous)


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