Was sipping on some green tea and thinking of trying a healthier version of risotto when it suddenly hit me.Green tea risotto ! No butter, no cheese, no cream, green tea instead – Cant get healthier.Must confess was a little skeptical though, hoping the tea would not be too bitter and over power the taste (as i was sure D would not like green tea in his risotto)but to my surprise it turned out amazing. It added a very subtle aromatic flavour to the rice n my hubby kept saying its very tasty and when i revealed the secret ingredient to him he was quite amazed.As he never drinks green tea and kinda freaks out at the copious amounts i consume i didn’t want to tell him before hand, scared that he might refuse to eat it.It did pay to keep my mouth shut as he adored it and said i shud put it up on the blog(as if i already wasn’t going to ). Haha but I’m glad it turned out nice and would encourage u all to try it out.

Its pretty simple actually – most of the food i make is :-))). I started with sauteing a clove of crushed garlic and sliced leeks(2) in olive oil, some sliced onions too.As they softened i put in the Aborio rice, stir fried it a bit and added a tablespoon of chicken bullion powder, as i wanted a good base.The rest you know…instead of stock i used green tea.No alcohol splashes as i just didn’t feel like it.

And then when the risotto is almost cooked, taste for salt and put some freshly crushed pepper.

For the Cassava, i marinated it in a spice mix comprising of :-sea salt, corriander seeds(crushed), yellow mustard powder, garlic powder, black pepper, fenugreek seeds crushed, crushed red chillies, oregano, marjoram, paprika.Then drizzled it with olive oil and pan fried it.

Put it all together and squeeze a few drops of lime.The lime really goes well with it as it livens up the flavours bringing freshness to it.

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noreply@blogger.com (Sheetu)

Only you can come up with something like this. GREEN TEA for crying out loud!!! But again if can come up with it then it has to be exceptional. I’m gonna make it for dinner tonite 🙂 Will let u know the reaction I get!!

noreply@blogger.com (Rachael)

Is Cassava the fish? I’ve never heard of that, how cool. What is a good substitute?

noreply@blogger.com (Kate)

Hello Rachael , yes Cassava is a fish,native to West Africa.Even i never knew it existed until i visited the local fish market.Its a beautiful fish,firm meat great texture and not too many bones.Gr8 for fillets.

noreply@blogger.com (SallyBR)

Love your blog

Well, I am another person that had never heard of cassava as a fish!
I normally cook cassava root – delicious, by the way… but hard as a rock, you need to cook it for at least 45 minutes and THEN fry it

I was wondering how on Earth you would get to pan fry cassava root and make it edible!

noreply@blogger.com (ooishigal)

It looks divine!

noreply@blogger.com (Dr.Gray)

Something like this would work great for this recipe – cooking matcha.


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