Lahme in Arabic literally means meat.Traditionally we used to eat this at Al Reef bakery at Karama, Dubai.Made in kilns and served wrapped in paper with chilli pickles and olives this snaky item was our favourite, along with laban up(buttermilk).I don’t remember a time where i ‘ve not overeaten these.We’d decide before we went there that”today we’ll eat just 2, no more ok“….and before we knew it we had wolfed down 4.They come in a variety with cheese called Jibn, zatar and lahme.Its an Arab snack of Lebanese origin and world famous now along with hommus, shawarma…u know all the Lebanese stuff. So this is something D n me love to eat when we want to go easy on the spices and herbs … sometimes u just crave something that simple to the taste buds and yet satisfying at the same time.Here the main thing is good quality meat.Since we eat this at least once a week i like to try it with different meats.Like i even buy Ostrich fillet and mince it at home.You can even make this before hand and freeze them.When needed just thaw it in the microwave and toss it in the toaster.Personally i’ve never tried to mutilate this recipe by spicing it up because this is something we were brought up on and just love it the way it is.

  • minced beef / minced ostrich meat / minced lamb
  • chopped onion
  • chopped tomatoes
  • salt

That’s it ! nothing more to it.Natural flavours is what we are looking for here.Put these together on the chopping board and mince with your hand until the onion and tomatoes have mushed and blended into the meat.Spread this onto the homemade or store bought pita bread …..depends on the time you have at hand.

This is what the traditional one looks like which is baked in the oven for about 10 mins.Actually i over loaded this one not supposed to look like this.The bread is not very crisp so what i do is reduce the meat quantity a bit and then fold it over, drizzle some olive oil and toast it in the toaster.This makes the bread really crispy and the meat remains very juicy and succulent.And plus its easier to catch and eat.I haven’t mentioned any measurements as there is nothing to it. All i can tell you is make more than u think u’ll need as i assure you , you will end up overeating.

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Comment : (Linda)

well i can’t eat the meat part, but i bet this would be fantastic with tempeh or even with just the veggies. your photos are amazing. beautiful post. thanks for sharing. i absolutely adore your blog. (Sheetu)

Mum’s going shopping tommorrow. I’m gonna make these tommorrow for dinner. DELICIOUS!! (Karan)

I like the looks of these! I love both Shawerma and Hummus, so the trend suggests excellence.. And Ostrich meat huh? Then this Lahme thing must be Lebanese “fast” food, yes? 😀

As usual, it looks simply delicious, and I think it is stupid of me to look at your blog at 2 AM and spend yet another sleepless night!

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