And after waiting for two painfully long months i am finally heading home.I cant tell you all how ecstatic i am.All of you must be tired of reading in my previous posts how much i need to get back n crib endlessly abut being here.Finally this Friday i leave for Hong Kong.19 hrs of flying time and I’m looking forward to it.So no food post as I’m busy cleaning up the pantry/fridge/kitchen. Nothing pretty looking is on my plate now, but i do have some lovely pictures i clicked last weekend.This is the back road to my home from the city.Its a beautiful coast line and a lovely drive too.All i did was stop the car a dozen times to get a shot and get back in again.The things we do to click a few pictures…..:-))

The colour of the mud here is reddish brown. A very rich nice colour.I come here sometimes with D at night for a stroll.Always loved this bench.

This nasty wave got me drenched from head to toe…including my shoes…and my CAMERA !!! ahh…. i ran back to the car only to i find a box to tissues .The rest of the morning i was roaming around with wet hair n clothes.

This wreck has been around for almost a year now.I reckon 6 months more and it’ll vanish

Fresh fish anyone ???

This is a shooting range further down the road….

And its the first time i saw the military practicing there.

And so my dear friends i leave you with this and take leave for the time being.Will be home soon and have so much to look forward to.Promise u many many more lovely food posts.Going to be busy as soon as i get there.My sister is visiting me as well …on the 1st of April…cant wait…
Until next time … goodbye .

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Comment : (sher)

Beautiful pictures!!! I look forward to the pictures you’ll take when you’re home. You have a lovely blog!!! (chouchi)

Great pics really. Seeing these scenes in real life and then behind your lens is a totally different experience. I can see your artistic side smoothly maturing. Have a good trip. (Asha)

Fabulous Pics Kate!!

Have a safe flight and have a great time:) (Melody)

Wow, amazing pictures… I look forward to your return (Helene)

Those pictures are simply gorgeous. Have a safe trip back home. (Linda)

ya know. you could have at least hidden me in your suit case! (Rasa Malaysia)

Oh wow, are you in Ghana? That’s just amazing. (Christina)

Beautiful photographs! Thank you for sharing such a lovely experience. (Snehal)

Those pics are pure art!!!

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