Hey everybody, its been almost 2 weeks since i got here and boy am i happy to be back!My sister is in town visiting and actually have been really busy with her shopping and traveling and just basically bonding which i haven’t had the chance to do since that last 5 yrs.I had taken these pictures the day before she had come and was planning to put them up then but never got around doing so.I have lots more but I’ll put them up later.Lots to share with u guys but I’ve just managed to squeeze in some time this Sunday for my blog which has been crying for being neglected .This time as i have no recipe to share with you … but here’s how i spent my day…

This is the mind blowing view from my gym.The Hong Kong sky line with the fantastic harbour right in front of my eyes.

While i’m running on the treadmill i feel as if 1 am running on water.My Ipod and this beautiful scenery can keep me going for ever n ever.

This is by far the best gym view i have ever come across.It really makes working out a sheer pleasure, i actually look forward going to the gym.

One of the million reasons to be happy about getting back is this lovely dragon fruit.Soft centered and very juicy this fruit is available all over eastern Asia.

And after getting back from a great work out this super healthy sandwich of grilled rye bread with left over grilled chicken with a cranberry yogurt smoothie just made my day.

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noreply@blogger.com (Rasa Malaysia)

Hey there, this is Rasa Malaysia. I just stumbled upon your blog and love it. You have beautiful pictures…I will definitely come back. 🙂

noreply@blogger.com (Rasa Malaysia)

By the way, I absolutely love Hong Kong and wish that I get to live there for a while…I go there quite often. 🙂

noreply@blogger.com (The Food Traveller)

The best view I had last time I was there (now almost an year ago) at dinner from the Aqua Restaurant, while enjoying nice food (despite being clearly European). Lovely place Hong Kong and great for photography given it contrasts and colors …. not to mention for buying while on sales !!!

noreply@blogger.com (Kate)

Food traveller, aqua is one of my fav places.Really awesome place to chill for a few drinks.U mustve been to felix as well them.Similar view n food to die for.I love HK too.But i havent seen the sun in 8 days now.very very gloomy,humid n dark.Cant wait for the summer to be in full swing so i can hit the beaches ! all the great sales are over n done with in the chinese new year now its all crazy prices but still that hasnt managed to stop me.Sis is in town and going crazy shopping n eating.Next time u come down pls let me know.

Rasa i cant blame u for liking this place.I’m addicted to it.Beacuse of my work i get to be here only 6 months a year but they make up for the other 6 that i’m not here :-))

noreply@blogger.com (gilly)

Wow, that dragon fruit looks really interesting! Sounds like you are having a great time.

noreply@blogger.com (Linda)

how lovely. i adored working out in the gym on my last cruise – it too overlooked the ocean and was at the very top of the ship so it had the greatest view!

lovely photographs – that sandwich looks as though it was made to perfection.

noreply@blogger.com (Helene)

Lucky you…my gym gives onto a dark alley…hmmm! One of long time dream is to visit Hong Kong.
Beautiful color and light in your shots.

noreply@blogger.com (Toni)

I like that shot of the sandwich. It looks delicious.

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