This is a step by step guide of how to screw up a highly simple wrap.Well i did’nt plan for it to happen this way but a little bit of neglect and there u have it !Since A is in town and she is vegetarian I’m having a tough time thinking of what to make for her specially after returning home tired from galavanting all day.So taking a easy way out i thought of using store bought puff pastry and stuffing it with some veggies, and a soup to accompany it.I was grilling chicken for the rest of us and so i thought this will b perfect.

Started off with stirfrying in some olive oil, crushed garlic,chopped green chillies, jullianed carrots, red and green peppers, onions, chickpeas, left over cooked spaghetti.For the seasonings i used cumin powder, a pinch of garam masala,salt and pepper.

And then neatly placed the mixture in the center and wrapped it .
Don’t forget the egg wash ! want it to look pretty don’t ya !

And then to screw it up all you have to do it forget to get it out of the oven ! Just like i did.The corners were totally burnt off and the spaghetti had turned black.It was dry outside but the inside was safe .But thats no excuse.Poor A had to settle for soup n half burnt wraps.Moral of the story … Don’t be a vegetarian, eat meat !

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Comment : (Arpy)

by the way…i ate this… truly….deeellliicciioouusssss!!!!! (Patricia Scarpin)

I think it looks delicious – I love crispy food! 😀 (Asha)

LOL @ the last sentence!

Working with oven is tough specially with the delicate pastry.Wrap not that bad.Last time we went to a Mexican restaurant ,they had some burnt chicken too,still was good in the Chimichanga!:D (Chouchi)

Ha hA ha … I wonder with this mess, why you still wanted to post it….
If i where you, that wrap would have been seriously cut to portions, leaving out of course the unedible parts. :>) Why not used a timer?? (Helene)

That’s the kind of food I would eat no matter what…puff pastry! (Linda)

these look fabulous. love the pic of you making them. very artistic photo layout. love it!

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