So as you all know monopoly didn’t really work out, we ended up staying at home not really in the mood for any outdoor activity. Figured i’d have to make lunch and got out a tray of 10 fresh Australian scallops that i had bought on Sat.”Honey how do u want to eat these scallops..???” and then he said lets make them in 5 different ways.We have all day to us, nothing better to do … not really hungry … so might as well enjoy it … i was game !

Here the scallops were salted first.Then placed in tiny bamboo steamer lined with lettuce.Topped with grated ginger, finely sliced green chillis & spring onions.Steamed them for about 4-5 mins.Garnish with corriander and a squeeze of lime.While eating it take the whole thing out, wrap the lettuce around it and eat it.


For this i first chopped some red chillis and garlic…marinated the scallops in together with salt.Then prepared the egg for dipping and breadcrumbs.Lightly salt the egg.dip and coat twice and chill in the refrigerator.Meanwhile make the mayo dressing.Finely chopped onion, garlic, chopped carrots and a pinch of red paprika.Now u can very simply deep fry it…which would also give u an even colour all over but i pan fried it with a tsp of oil … health conscious !


When i bite into a wonton, i like to sink my teeth into the whole scallop thats why i did not cut them up, like it is normally done with most meats.Firstly the wonton skins i had were too small to take the entire scallop so i joined together two of them with the left over egg from above.And then i place the scallops on it and pinched the corners together.For the marinate i put salt, ginger, chopped spring onion,dash of sesame oil steamed it for 5 mins.For the dip, take light soya sauce, finely sliced red chilli , corriander , rice wine vinegar ,stir it all together and serve.


The most effortless of them all was tandoori scallops.An easy alternative would be to use the ready made tandoori spice.I did that too ..but livened it up with further adding some fresh jeera pd, red chilli pd, and garam masala.Grilled them on the griddle pan ans served with green chutney (which luckily was still left over from the last time i made it)

The last but definitely one of the best.In a small frying pan fry some garlic n then the scallops, add soy sauce, vinegar, chilli oil and chicken stock….as u see the scallop is almost cooked add some corn flour water, close the gas, plate up and garnish with spring onions.Served with steamed rice and these most amazing prawn crackers.

It was a really nice experience trying to make these, as u see it was just just two scallops a dish and normally we would never try out anything like this.D was the mastermind behind this one, with his beautiful ideas.But standing in the kitchen together and making a mess of the place was even more fun. They all tasted nice each one better than the next.

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Comment : (Rose)

I don’t know wich one to choose! Ummmmm. I choose… all of them. (Helene)

What a wonderful spread of scallops! gave me inspiration next time I cook some. All the pics are gorgeous! (Linda)

my goodness. what a line up you’ve got here! they all look fantastic. i adore your photography. (Brilynn)

You can come make those for me anyday! Lovely presentation. (Rasa Malaysia)

OMG, you are too creative! They are gorgeous looking and completely droolsome. I love your presentation too, 2 thumbs way up. Plus I love your plates in various shapes and forms. 🙂 (Garrett)

Wow… I wish any food I made or picture I took looked this good. (Kate)

Rose u can have them all 🙂

Helen thank you so much ,

Linda…likewise…i love all the pictures you have taken on your wonderful trip,

brilynn … sure just tell me when :),

rasa thaks so much.I’m glad u liked them,

garrett what are you saying,your cupcakes are to die for… (Susan)

Ooh, it’s like an episode of Iron Chef! Your photos and recipes are just lovely. (Freya and Paul)

Stunning blog! Not sure why I’ve missed it before but I’ll be back for more! The scallops look fantastic! (Julia)

Just found your blog through flickr and what a post to land on! Scallops are one of my favourite foods and here are 5 gorgeous – and different from what you usually see – ways to prepare them. And such beautiful presentation and photography…can’t wait to go through your archives 🙂 (Lynn)

Wow! Love how you presented each of the five ways in a very stylish and original way. I love those mini bamboo steamers. They must be so tiny!! (Kate)

susan..haha thank you ..its an honour that u even mentioned it !

freya and paul…welcome to my little world…hope u like it here

julia i love scallops too ! i’m glad u landed just right on spot 🙂

lynn they are really tiny.Can only keep one piece in it. (Kristen)

Your photos are amazing! (tout cuisiner)

So nice pictures !

Beautiful and tasty 🙂

Bon appetit


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