It is not everyday that u find a blogger friend who shares the same birthday as you.A couple of weeks back the HHDD mousse contest was going on and out of the blues i thought of participating.I submitted my entry to the host and started thus started a series of mails to each each other.It was then that we found out we shared the same birthday.We were both just too shocked for words ! Well so here goes HAPPY BIRTHDAY HELEN ! Hope you have a wonderful day, and a fantastic year ahead. Helen of Tartelett n me are making each other birthday cakes so please don’t miss going to her blog to check out what a wonderful one she has made.Maybe someday i will be able to bake like her. I tried to make her a birthday cake but much to my disappointment it didn’t turn out the way i wanted it to.I’ve kept in mind her favourite flavours so opted for a lemon grass and lime leaf mousse with mango compote jelly. Started the night before, made the lemon sponge, made the jelly, made the mousse but i think i screwed up somewhere around the time i folded the gelatin in the cream as the gelatin set right away, making the texture of the mousse uneven.In the morning my dome shape molds didn’t come off too well thus messing up the presentation.But i tried and so had to put it up. I guess its not easy, as if it were everyone would be good at it 🙂 Maybe if i could do it all over again i would do a better job.

I thought of doing two variations. One with a double sponge and mango compote and one with a chocolate sable layer sponge and mango compote.

The day before started of with infusing the cream with the lemon grass and lime leaves.Just warmed it thru and let the flavours come together for 3 hrs in the fridge.Then just strained it and whipped it up for the mousse.Made a lemon zest and vanilla bean sponge cake.Cut them in rings and set it aside.Made the mango compote by pureeing a mango and then thinning it water and adding some gelatin to it.Poured it in a flat tray and added chopped mango pieces to it.Let it set and cut out rings of the jelly and set it aside.Started whipping the egg whites for the mousse, in the soft peak stage added some sugar and whipped it further till till shiny n glossy.Soften some gelatin in a bowl.Now this is the part where u all got to be careful. Make sure the gelatin mixture is cool before you add it to the cream or it will get all lumpy and the mousse will not set.

Fold in the eggs and your mousse mix is ready. Now to set the molds just assemble it all together and let it chill in the fridge.Next day unmold it and give it a glaze and garnish.


I am definately very upset with the outcome of this and even ashamed to put it up.But its really too late for me to make Helen another cake right now. Arggg …. well i’m not giving up at this … i will try again … atleast to make something better !

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Comment : (Melody Polakow)

I wasn’t able to leave a comment on your latest post.. this is the second time this has happened to me today… wonder if there is a Blogger glitch?

Anyway… I thought your cake looked great.. I’m not sure why you were disappointed…

everything else… looks amazing from your other posts.. (Helen)

Same as Melody, I have been dying to say “thank you” but I have no “post a comment” icon…frustrating!!!

Happy Birthday! Hope hubby comes back soon so you can celebrate!

I LOVE the cakes you made for me!!! (Kate)

Melody thanks for pointing that to me…i would’ve died if i had not received any comments :)) thanks for your comforting words.Really means a lot right now !

Helen , honey u really do ???
phew…that makes me feel much better !

My hubby’s still on back so i made my self a comforting, mood elevating choc cake….after all u teased me with yours and i had to eat chocolate.
Happy birthday girl…have a gr8 day !!! (Ellie)

Awww, that’s such a sweet idea! Happy birthday, hon 🙂 (Lis)

Happy birthday Kate! I love the crosspost you and Helene have done for each other.. so cute!

And I don’t understand why you are so disappointed? I think both of your versions are simply gorgeous and they sound delicious! (Steve)

Hello Kate !!

It’s Steve (from Flickr) ! I didn’t know it was your b-day too !! Happy “belated” Birthday :)) I think your cakes look cute even though you’re not satisfied with them but I’m sure they were delicious !! (evinrude)

Oh these look so cute with their domed little tops! And they look just like those that I’ve seen on Nordljus. You know, when I saw the first picture I didn’t think that there were so many glitches behind the scenes. It just looked delicious!

Coincidentally, I’m also a Melody =p (Kate)

ellie ,thank you ! i was excited too when we came up with the idea of baking for each other.

Lis, i think so too , blogging has made me meet so many wonderful people.I’m glad u think the cakes look ok !

Steve ..hey its still my Birthday ! 13 of May ! Thanks for visiting my Blog.The cakes did taste nice 🙂

ervinrude/melody :), i remember keiko had done a banana something version of these.Shes a star at this. And yes they definately take up a lot of time n effort ! (gilly)

Hi Kate! Happy (belated) Birthday to you!

I’m with Lis, I think your cakes are absolutely stunning!! I love the flavours you used to create this delecate creation honouring Helen’s birthday! (Patricia Scarpin)

Happy belated Birthday, Kate!

The cakes are so beautiful, I’m glad you decided to post them! (Jasmine)

I think they are adorable!

j (Kate)

gilly thanks for your sweet encouraging comment.I hope it satisfied helen 🙂

patricia thank you ! i’m glad too !

jasmine …:))) thanks ! (OnlinePharmacy)

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