Or as my husband calls it ” My version of Turkey Cheese Melt !”This was his creation and that to, a very fine one. He loves to cook and when we cook together the food in our house is at its very best. I cant imagine a time when the both of us together would have messed up a dish.On our own yes many times, but together its magic. When we’re in Ghana he does spend a lot of time with me in the kitchen, which i adore, as in Hong Kong we are so busy its impossible to drag him in.He just does breakfast on Sundays then. And according to him breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so there’s no way i can take it easy on that. So yesterday he woke up in the morning with pangs of hunger and said “K whats for breakfast … i said dunno i’m still brushing my teeth !”So he’d didn’t bother asking me twice , by the time i reached the kitchen he already had a dozen things going on.My house maid was whisking egg whites, the oven was pre heating, 3 bowls were set out on the tray, he was chopping the turkey salami, n ” honey what cheese do we have, where is it , i cant see it, can i have it pls …”…..and I’m like what are you making ? and he’s like “just let me do it …i promise u , u’ll like it !” i was – “sure ok, be my guest , who doesn’t love to be pampered with ready breakfast !”When i saw the eggs rise up like souffle i ran for my camera. I knew i had to click this one before it quickly vanished into our tummies.


  • 10 egg whites
  • 6 smoked turkey salami slices chopped in little squares
  • 4 slices low fat cheese chopped in little squares
  • freshly crushed pepper and salt to taste
  • couple of dashes of tabasco

Start with whisking the egg whites till the initial soft peak stage, throw in the cheese, salami, salt and tabasco. Find appropriate bowls to fill the mixture in. It will rise as it bakes so make sure u choose the right bowl. Fill it almost to the top and crush a lot of black pepper. Carefully without spilling put it in the center shelf of the oven on high and let it bake for about 7-10 mins or till the top is golden and the center a bit wobbly. Don’t let the simple flavours fool u. I promise you it tastes amazing and is very healthy too. Its very high in protein, perfect for u weight watchers and health freaks. U might want to toast a slice of whole wheat bread and cut them in marching soldiers (fingers) to dip into the eggs.

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Comment :

noreply@blogger.com (nolan ledarney)

Smoked turkey salami sounds great!

noreply@blogger.com (Kristen)

Those look so cheesy and so good!

noreply@blogger.com (Victoria)

how awesome is it that it’s just egg whites! And gorgeous too. MMM =) The tiramisu in your prvious post looks divine, reminds me of zabaglione (did i spell it right? looks funny.)

noreply@blogger.com (Kelly-Jane)

Good to see you back 🙂 Hope you had a lovely time.

I’d like it if my hubby made me breakfast, ever! Looks yummy.

noreply@blogger.com (Chris)

This sounds great! I just began making egg white omelets at home. This is a great, new recipe to try! Thanks!

noreply@blogger.com (Kate)

Thanks Nolan,its one of my most fav . things to eat for breakfast.

kristen , yes it is and its the cheese that gives it the golden crust.

victoria thank u so much.i’m glad u like it.i think u spelled it right !

kelly-jane i did thank you very much , and dont worry someday he will.I hope sooner than u think.

chris its very healthy.u can even add mushrooms and peppers to it for a change.

noreply@blogger.com (M&Ms...)

Oh this sounds fantastic!!! Will do this version for the hubby and create a veggie one for me .

noreply@blogger.com (megan)

These look wonderful. I will be trying these! Great pictures!

noreply@blogger.com (Anonymous)

Ohh… this looks amazing. 🙂

What temperature did you put the oven at?

noreply@blogger.com (Kate / Kajal)

I kept it on gas mark 4 – 180 celcius. Watch it well as oven temperatures do differ.

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