I don’t really know the exact origin of this dish, though I’d like to believe in from the northern region of China. I’ve been eating versions of this dish ever since i was a kid. Sizzlers are very famous in Bombay and I’ve been lucky enough to try some in China too. The ones in Bombay differ a lot from the Chinese ones, and i ‘d choose the Chinese ones over any day. Of course as there’s no particular recipe to follow, i just about put anything that i fancy on these sizzling hot iron plates. This time i was once again standing with a blank face in my store room figuring out what to make for lunch. It had to be Chinese and chicken and noodles, but how ? Then my hubby walked in, took a look at my face and in a flash opened the cupboard and got out the sizzler plates, ” lets have sizzlers today ! u can even put it on your blog :))!” He just adores food that sizzles. It fills the room with the rich aroma and dense smoke and makes even a stuffed person hungry. When i travelled, i got along with me a carton full of my Chinese ingredients from Hong Kong. Foodies that we are, half our baggage from anywhere in the world always comprises of food. So here for lunch i used shrimp noodles stir fried with veggies and stir fried chicken and baby corn.
For the noodles : Boil the noodles for 2 mins , strain , run through cold water and toss in seasme oil – set aside. Julienne french beans, carrots, green capsicum, spring onion and thinly slice a red onion. In a wok heat some peanut oil and stir fry the veggies except the spring onion. Add 1/2 tsp of white pepper and add in the noodles.Mix well and then add a couple of splashes of light soy sauce. Check the salt add the spring onion and turn off the heat. Keep this aside .

For the chicken : I used canned baby corn-cut in halves, chicken cubed, garlic grated, one small onion quartered. In a wok heat some peanut oil , fry the garlic till fragrant and add the chicken cubes and cook till fully white. With a slotted spoon remove the chicken and add the onion and baby corn and fry for a min. Add to it some shao shing rice vine, a spoon of knorr chicken concentrate sauce and some rice vinegar. Bring back the chicken and 1/2 cup chicken stock to the wok and cover and let it cook. There is no need to add salt as the knorr sauce is very salty. Finish off with adding some cornflour water to thicken it. Turn off the heat and add some greens of the spring onion.

Now with these 2 ready we have to make hot the sizzler plates. Lightly oil them and put them directly on the gas flame till they are piping hot. Very carefully lift them and place them on the wooden dish and place the noodles first. Then add the chicken with the sauce. At this moment it will start sizzling violently.Be careful and serve immediately.
You can really do anything with these. Stir fried sizzling prawns , beef , fish ….. anything. Just make sure it has some sauce or gravy to sizzle away . Excellent for entertaining !

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Comment :

noreply@blogger.com (Deborah)

How fun! I am imagining how much fun this would be to serve to guests!

noreply@blogger.com (Anh)

Oh kate, this dish is a winner!!!!!! I can praise this post whole day long since I know this recipe rocks!

noreply@blogger.com (Rasa Malaysia)

Wow, I am sure they were sizzling good. 🙂

noreply@blogger.com (Big Boys Oven)

OMG! they look so inviting and so sizzle!

noreply@blogger.com (Kelly-Jane)

I’ve only seen sizzle platers in restaurants, and have always wondered when the platter comes into it. Now I know! 🙂 I wonder what it is that makes a sizzle so appealing… 🙂

noreply@blogger.com (Alita)

mmm this looks really fantastic, I can almost taste it!
Nice and interesting blogpost!

noreply@blogger.com (Kate)

Deborah i’ve done this for friends and its a sure shot hit every time !

Anh , thanks ! how do you make yours ?
Rasa , u bet they were :))

big boys oven …thanks 😀

kelly-jane its the sizzling sound , its the heat , the smoke that u almost choke on , the aroma …everything that makes it so appealing. U’re using all your senses.Even your ears .

Alita thank you for dropping by.Hope to see you more often 🙂

noreply@blogger.com (Sultana)

OK! I just have to say “your blog is amazing!”. To say the least. I am truly inspired by the variety of dishes you serve to us!

with awe,
sultana 🙂

noreply@blogger.com (Ellie)

Mmmm, in Korea we have similar dish, but instead of noodles, rice is served in a stone bowl with various additions, and the smoke and the sound of the crackling and sizzling always makes me drool 🙂

noreply@blogger.com (The Culinary Chase)

I love this kind of a dish…….it makes for a great presentation not to mention a topic of discussion for those receiving the dish. Cheers!

noreply@blogger.com (Chouchi)

your sizzler looks great i can almost taste it . . this is one of the most exciting dishes to order. Good choice. This is a midpoint between a flat dish and a barbecue, an experience good for an event dinner. As usual, as soon as a sizzzler comes thru the kitchen door, heads roll. Well done again Kate

noreply@blogger.com (Melody Polakow)

that picture captures the essence of that dish perfectly!

noreply@blogger.com (Blue Cat)

Just found your blog and the pictures (and food) are absolutely stunning. Congrats!

noreply@blogger.com (The Food Traveller)

This post simply makes me feel to get out and buy those sizzler plates. I love the photos and I love this kind of food … such a long time I had one, though.

noreply@blogger.com (Kate)

sultana , that is so sweet of you.Really appreciated 🙂

ellie , are you talking about bippin bap …korean pot rice. I simply love it.

the culinary chase .. u guessed right, no one can stop talking about it at the table. Not atleast they’ve finished 😛

chouchi , seeing you after a long time, welcome back and thank you !i like your observation , never looked at it that way , but it is a mid point between a bbq and a flat dish.

melody polakow , thanks 😀

blue cat , thank you for visiting. how did you find my blog ? hope to see you more often

the food traveller , u must !!! its essential for every food love to own these.

noreply@blogger.com (Coffee & Vanilla)

Kate, I love this picture!


noreply@blogger.com (Kate / Kajal)

Thanks so much Margot 🙂

noreply@blogger.com (Alpa)

funny, i just went to a restaurant called the “london sizzler” in houston this past weekend and just did my draft to post! well, guess what we ordered? the chinese manchurian, lol. your snap looks lovely by the way.

noreply@blogger.com (Kate / Kajal)

Alpha … haha …well the Chinese Manchurian is a classic …. never fails on a sizzler. …
Thanks for dropping by 🙂

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