I’m very happy for 2 reasons today. Firstly, because today I finally got myself to make tarts – which by the way is an achievement for me as i have been procrastinating it almost forever. Dunno why, but haven’t you ever had something that you’ve always wanted to try and never gotten around to doing it ? Well this was it for me. And after i made it i was wondering why on earth didn’t it try it earlier. It was so damn easy … what was i fussing about ! Be that as it may, these ones turned out amazingly well. A wonderful crumbly crust, it was the right colour and perfect texture- Cant help but show them off to you :p ! Banoffee, by the way, is an English dessert . The name Banoffee comes from the words “banana??? and “toffee???, its two main ingredients. Before moving on to the recipe for this delicious treat, let me first tell

you the second reason for my happiness today.

I have been nominated for the “Best Food Blog??? category in the Blogger’s Choice Awards!! I’m awfully thrilled at this huge honor, considering I’m still pretty new at this. I owe the nomination to Mohini of Mango Power Girl who is even sweeter than the King of Fruits that she swears by! Since the winners are chosen by popular vote, I request you to please give me 2 mins of your time, in registering and voting for me by simply clicking on the box below. It really would mean a lot to me as I’m really excited about this.

My site was nominated for Best Food Blog!

And so back to the Banoffee Tarts 🙂

For the Pastry :-

  • 335g Plain Flour
  • 235g Unsalted Butter
  • 100g Icing Sugar
  • 3 Egg Yolks
Prepare the pastry by rubbing the cold butter with the flour and icing sugar until a fine crumb is achieved. Add the egg yolks and bring together. Wrap in cling film and chill for at least two hours.

For the Filling :-

  • 395g Tin Condensed Milk
  • Bananas – sliced
  • 250-300 ml whipped cream
  • Chocolate shavings for garnish
Place the tins of condensed milk into a heavy bottomed pot and cover with water and simmer for three hours. Keep covered with water at all times, remove after three hours and allow to cool completely.
Roll out the pastry and line individual pastry rings . Trim off the excess pastry and blind bake until the base is golden brown. Allow to cool, and store in an air tight box till ready to use.
To assemble the banoffee tarts, pour the toffee into the tart till 3/4th full. Layer the slices of banana and cover with whipped cream. Garnish with chocolate shavings and chill well before serving.

I must confess that these little tarts were heavy. So if you’re planning to serve these for a dinner party, make sure you keep some space for the dessert while planning the menu.

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Comment :

noreply@blogger.com (spike)

these Banofee tarts surely must be hit all those lucky people who had a chance to taste them,
i am eagerly waiting for my turn!!

noreply@blogger.com (Deborah)

These tarts look SO good!! I can’t wait to try them. And congrats on the award!

noreply@blogger.com (linda)

They look delicious! I love the picture with the pile of crusts.

noreply@blogger.com (Mandy)

congratulations on the nomination! The Banoffee Tarts look delicious!

noreply@blogger.com (Anh)

Yummy! I love the look of your tartlets.

noreply@blogger.com (Anita)

Gorgeous shot of the tarts – they look delicious! And congrats on the nomination!

noreply@blogger.com (Mango Power Girl)

So these look so nice…I can’t wait to try the tart recipe, sounds so simple too.

Also, Thank you for your kind words…that nomination was very well deserved! You’ve been very inspiring 🙂

noreply@blogger.com (Kate)

spike haha , hopefully very soon.

deborah , honey i havent got the award yet, just nominated … inshallah will win it by the end of the year.

linda , i was just so happy that the crusts turned out perfect , i couldnt resist a shot of them !

mandy , thank you very much :p

anh thanks !

anita , thanks , dunno how i’m going to beat you at it though, your blog is far better than mine .

mohini , thanks again . If it was’nt for you i would’ve never known how many people actually like my blog and find it the best indeed . The count in increasing and so is my smile 😀

noreply@blogger.com (Kelly-Jane)

I love banoffee pie 🙂 and yours looks fab, your pastry is perfect 🙂 Congratulations on your award, well deserved!

noreply@blogger.com (Linda)

these photos are simply fabulous as usual and they’ve left my mouth watering. these look delicious. lovely post.

noreply@blogger.com (maybahay)

you have a fabulous blog. it will have to be one of my favourites now that i’ve discovered it. the photos are such a feast for the eyes.
the tarts look perfect.

noreply@blogger.com (The Food Traveller)

wonderful. I love the precision of the pastry. I seem to never manage to get the borders so nicely cut!
Good luck with the Award … I am going to vote for you! Ciao.

noreply@blogger.com (ces)

congratulations kate! great great news! you deserve it!!!
hey, i am a bit on and off from blogging lately…one major reason is i’ve been fixing my new website..now it’s done and almost ready for announcement! visit me…

hey so do i get to vote or what?

noreply@blogger.com (piccolina)

OMG those little things look soo YUMOOOO lol
hey i did vote and i really hope u’ll always be the best :))


noreply@blogger.com (Susan)

My mom just sent me tart tins which I can’t wait to use, especially now after reading your post! The tarts are just tantalizing!

noreply@blogger.com (Nora B.)

Hi Kate,
Congratulations on your nomination!

Your banoffee pie looks so much more elegant than the one I make. I will be sharing my version soon (got the recipe off my sis who was studying in the UK) when I can make it look prettier 😉

noreply@blogger.com (Nora B.)

p/s: forgot to say thanks for leaving a comment on my blog because I used to read your blog often but somehow lost touch when you went away in May. I’m glad that I’ve found it again 🙂

noreply@blogger.com (Melody Polakow)

they are just stunning! I love your photography

noreply@blogger.com (Kate)

Kelly – Jane , Thanks … i am pretty proud of it … the pastry and the nomination 🙂

Linda , i’m happy it did the trick.Every time i look at it even my mouth waters.I must be the only fool on this planet who gets tempted by her own pictures.

Maybahay Thank you so much.Hope to see you around.

The food Traveller …yay one more vote…thanks !

Ces …i did visit your new website. Tried to leave a comment and saw some error so went back to the old one. It looks good though.Good luck with it.
And of course u have to vote …! Click on the box below and do it !

piccolina thanks..you’re such a sweetheart !

Susan , pls try ’em . The pastry recipe is really good.And ofcourse dont forget to show them of on your blog.

Nora Thanks… i have to confess that it wasnt until i checked my older postd thats i fished out your blog .. as me too i’d lost it…so it works both ways :))
Oh and pls dont forget to show us how your tarts turn out !

Melody ..thanks 🙂

noreply@blogger.com (M&Ms...)

Banoffee!!! Looks great Kate…nice job. Will definitely vote for you!

noreply@blogger.com (eliza)

i always wonder how banoffe taste like. yours truly look delicious!
btw, could i link your blog? thanks.

noreply@blogger.com (Kate)

M&M got your vote , thanks a million 🙂

eliza , it tastes like toffees and bananas :)) And yes , u sure can link up my blog !

noreply@blogger.com (clumsy)

These look delicious. Banana and toffee seem so obviously perfect together, though I’ve never tried the combo!

You have my vote! 😀

noreply@blogger.com (Lynnylu)

I have never tried this dessert, but I love bananas and toffee. Yours looks so perfect.

noreply@blogger.com (Kate)

clumsy u have to try the combo…they’re a match made in heaven

Lynnylu …Thanks 😀

noreply@blogger.com (Mansi Desai)

I mif=ght as well leave a commen ton your every post! they are all so lovely:)D

noreply@blogger.com (Kate)

aw mansi u are very kind :)) Thank You so much :p

noreply@blogger.com (Sharmi)

thanks a lot for dropping by my blog. after looking at your posts I was jawdropped and did not know where to leave a comment. want to leave a comment on every post. these tarts look awesome. I would love to try them. can I substitute anything else for condensed milk. why do you call it toffee?

noreply@blogger.com (Kate)

Sharmi u can other wise just make the caramel toffee with brown sugar , butter and fresh cream .Its way faster than boiling the cans for 2-3 hrs.Toffee as the same ingredients go into making toffee only they boil it to a harder consistency…i think atleast :p

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