Summer is comming towards an end for a lot of you folks, but fortunately or unfortunately its always summer in Ghana. Located only a few degrees the north of the equator this tropical county never really experiences the cold weather. Its interesting to know that the Greenwich Meridian also passes through Ghana, specifically through the industrial city of Ghana-Tema ( where i live); so it is said that Ghana is closest to the center of the world geographically than any other country. Well that’s got nothing to do with my Nectarine and Honey Yogurt Lollies but just thought you’d like to know 🙂 So comming back to my attraction of the day … They are healthy , they are dead easy to make , look pretty , best to beat the heat , light and refreshing , can easily substitute with any fruit … and i can go on and on and on. I make these every time my i start looking at catalog’s to buy an ice cream maker. I’ve been really avoiding it as i know for sure everything that comes out of that machine is going straight to my belly and then the back side as my hubby doesn’t like anything sweet and i more than make up for his share. So this healthy option to satisfy that craving. Good for all big n small, definately a hit with the kids as well :))

  • 2 nectarines, 1 pureed and 1 cubed
  • 2 tsp honey
  • 100 -150 ml low fat yogurt depending on your mold size

All you have to do is mix the yogurt, honey and pureed nectarines well. Add the chopped nectarines, pour in the molds and put in a stick and freeze. Couldn’t be easier !
makes 4

And last but not the least I’d like to thank all my wonderful friends for giving me your kind support and voting for me. This really feels special as i never knew so many of you loved my blog . And for those of you who missed out heres the link . I think the voting will go on till the end of the year so i wont stop talking about it … atleast till i see my name in the 1st 3 … hehe … well theres no harm in trying :p

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Comment : (linda)

Is it that easy? I’ll make them tomorrow for my 2-year-old, he loves all three ingredients, either seperate or combined. And obviously he adores ice cream 🙂 (M&Ms...)

Have to try this…was just thinking how summer is ending, well ended and can’t let go…
Anyway, sounds easy, healthy yet tasty! (Nora B.)

Hi Kate, that’s such a wonderful way to accentuate the taste of those ripe nectarines. Nectarines are my fav. stone-fruits. Then plums, then peaches, then apricots. Actually I love it all. I would like to try this in summer. It’s a good alternative to ice-cream.

Lovely photos (as usual!) 🙂 (Rachel)

These are so beautiful! I love them! (maybahay)

yum. these look great and i’m sure they’re delicious. good stuff for my toddler, too so will definitely make it.
will vote for you for sure! (Anh)

Beautiful! I can’t believe that the recipe is that easy! Save up for summer! 🙂 (Deborah)

What a great and easy recipe! And even though it is heading into cold weather here, I eat cold treats year round!! (anita)

Sound so delicious and your pic is gorgeous!:) (Kate)

linda ,
maybahay ,

thanks you all so much. Its too easy to be true aint’t it !?! I hope u do try them .. its difficult not to know since u know how simple it is. Try it with just about any fruit lying in your fridge.Really appreciate your lovely comments …thanks :)) (Andreea)

this sounds so easy. looks so delicious. a joy. (oh and i loved learning more about ghana!) (Garrett)

Those are some of the lovliest pics I have seen in a while. Bravo! (Kelly-Jane)

That’s really interesting about Ghana and the Greenwich Meridian. Wonderful lollies too, yummy, pretty and healthy! (The Food Traveller)

I guess it can be done with different fruit as well. Now I need to find the molds. (kimmy)

We’ve just started spring in Oz, and i think that would be a perfect way to celebrate the start of the season, cannot waite for the summer fruits. Thanks for the recipe, i’ll be definitely making those.

kimmy (Brilynn)

Lovely photos!
These sound great. (Sultana)

What a refreshing treat! Its good to see such creativity in the kitchen! Thanks for sharing!

Sultana 🙂 (Kate)

Andreea & Kelly Jane..hehe .. see now u know you know that i live almost in the center of the world :))

Garrett … i’m honoured 🙂

The food traveller …almost any fruit u can lay your hands on …!

kimmy i’m happy that this post was of use to you. Thanks for visiting.

Brilynn .. they even tasted gr8 🙂

Sultana ..u are welcome . (Mandy)

great shots! And what a cool idea! I would try it one day with mango! (Kate)

mandy …mango would be a gr8 option ! (nixtress)

This is so brilliant! I will certainly try to make these this weekend. (maybahay)

kate, thanks for the kind advice you left for me. i am trying to learn more about photographing. it’s a bit tricky to set things up though, when my two little ones are hurrying me up to serve dinner:-) wish u well in the awards. desie (Anne)

That looks wonderful – thank you for this great and simple recipe. (Kate)

nixtress , let me know how they turned out.

desie .. wow u are lucky …two kids…they must be a quite a handfull.If theres anything u need to ask regarding photography …pls feel free…i’d be more than happy to help.

Anne you are most welcome 🙂 (ces)

definitely you’ll have our vote…mine especially kate! these lollies are going to be in my kitchen one of these days…the kids will give me a hand and i bet they will like this! hey have a great weekend! (Kate)

hey ces , thank you very much …i’m sure the kids will love making them :p my Saturday has been amazing thanx … hope u have a gr8 sunday too !!! (nixtress)

Question: how long did it take for yours to freeze? Thanks! I made 4 out of nectarine and 4 out of strawberry (the boyfriend doesn’t like nectarines) and took lots of photos, I’ll send a link when it’s all ready! (Kate)

Hello nixtress , i froze them over night. I think strawberries would taste real nice …. nectarines can sometime be a little tart , so i understand why he doesn’t favour them :)) Cant wait to see your photos. (nixtress)

Here are mine! That was a lot of fun to do and I can’t wait to try them this afternoon! Thanks for the inspiration, Kate! (JennDZ - The Leftover Queen)

These look so yummy! I love yogurt pops!

Welcome to The Foodie Blogroll! (About He She Chew Chew)

Yes, the photos are fab. The just make it creeeeaamy. (Victoria)

OOH! those looks yummy. I might try them with soy yoghurt instead! Luckily they’ve got an apricot and mango flavour at the supermarket near my place, might compliment the nectarines well! =) (Kate)

nixtress they look perfect …10/10

jenndz.. thanx …but just wondering how did u get on the foodie blogroll …

about he she chew chew …thank u very much 🙂

victoria soy yogurt sounds wonderful , i think even i might give that a try :p (Paula from Only Cookware)

Well it is only coming into summer here in Australia so I will be ready for it with this recipe. These sound absolutely delicious and so healthy. I would assume you could substitute the fruit. Strawberries would be nice. I really like your blog by the way. Hope you can take some time to visit mine at: (Kate)

Thanks for visiting Paula , yes strawberry is a fantastic option.I used nectarines as they were the only fruit lying in my fridge. I’ve used blueberries , and kiwi as well on other occasions.And i will definately come see your blog :)) (Mansi Desai)

Kte, I’m so glad I discovered yout blog! these are so innovative and beautiful!! kinda like kulfi with yoghurt:) I have to make these!! (Kate)

Same here Mansi , i’m glad i found yours :)) and yes these are almost like yogurt kulfis 😀 (Paula from Only Cookware)

Thanks for visiting my blog Kate. I liked your blog so much that I have it added it as our Blog of the Week with a featured post. (Kate)

Paula u are very kind ! Thank You so much 😀 (Sharmi)

your recipes sound very easy to make and very awesome looking. I am bookmarking some recipes to make and blogrolling you:) (Kate)

hey sharmi …most of my recipes are easy ,…i must confess i am a little lazy , and so want to always get the best in the shortest time :p Thanks for adding me on.I’m truly honoured 😀 (Larissa)

Just discovered your blog, and love it! These lollies look wonderful AND simple 🙂 (fafarrahzzi)

such beautiful pictures. the colors, the perspective, the details, everything. i just love everything. (Kate / Kajal)

Larrisa …thanks …welcome aboard

fafarrahzzi thanks so much “P (Julie)

Those look very refreshing and healthy too. (David Allen)

I love that photo, it illustrates the beauty of the recipe perfectly. I love this recipe so much because of the honey.
I actually have three different varieties of honey at home (I buy them from and I am always looking for new ways to try the honeys and this recipe was perfect. My family loved them.

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