So this started when i was chatting with a blogger friend M from Mango Power Girl – Seattle , she tellin me how cold it has become there already with temperatures just about touching 40 F and how due to global warming somehow they’ve totally skipped fall. But that now Seattle has become very environmentally friendly and that they re-cycling everything. She was at work and it was a freakin cold day and was already out with all her winter clothes. Meanwhile i was sitting here in Ghana … and today was a really hot day. I had both my A/C and fan turned on, on full blast but was still feelin hot. And then lunch time crept on and was getting hungry. Saw everything that was lying around in my fridge, but wasn’t in the mood for anything saucy, meaty, soupy ! Besides i was eating alone so didn’t want to take too much trouble either. After standing in front of the fridge for almost 10 mins ( which i do so often…dunno why ) i saw it ! I had bought some halloumi cheese last week hoping to use it in salad and hadn’t used it. Was out of salad leaves today so had to think of something else. I then remembered something i had seen in a BBC mag really long ago, with peppers. And then it came to me. Halloumi wrapped in peppers. So without wasting a moment i got to it.


  • 2 coloured peppers
  • 200g block halloumi cheese, sliced into 4 – i used only 2 slices
  • 1 red chilli, finely chopped
  • fresh thyme leaves
  • freshly crushed black pepper
  • salt to season
  • 1 lemon , zest and juice
  • 1 tsp olive oil to grease the peppers
  • some extra to drizzle over the top

Wash and dry the peppers and rub with some olive oil. Roast on the fire ( the gas burner ) the peppers whole until they begin to char and soften. Need them soft enough to wrap the cheese but not too soft so as u won’t be able to cook them again. Put them in plastic bag and set aside for 10 mins. By now the skin would’ve softened and easy to remove + easier to handle.
Open out each pepper by making a cut down one side, Scoop out the seeds and trim the tops and bottoms off, and trim the white membranes so you end up with a clean strip. Put a slice of halloumi in the center of each strip. You can make thicker slices of the halloumi. I used thinner slices as i wanted to be light. Lay out the peppers and sprinkle some salt and pepper on it. Place a slice of cheese in the center and sprinkle over some lemon zest and juice, divide the chilli and thyme and between them, then roll the red pepper around the halloumi. It doesn’t matter if the cheese sticks out at each end. It’ll look pretty when serving up .Tie the rolls with some kitchen
string or raffia and press down with the palm of your hand so they flatten slightly . Heat up the

griddle pan and when its really hot place the peppers in. At this time too, u will have to put some gentle force to ensure even grill marks on the peppers. Cook for about 5 mins on each side, or this the cheese softens and u get good char grill lines on top. Alternately just pop it under a hot grill till it browns a bit. When serving just drizzle some garlic olive or just some good extra virgin olive oil .

I made two … but grilled just one for now … kinda hungry:) Kept the other one for hubby so he can have it when he gets back home later . Thats why a picture of only the yellow one grilled.

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What a beautiful presentation!!They look so good! You have a really great blog! I’ll be back (Deborah)

These are so gorgeous!! What a great presentation, and I’m sure they tasted really good, too! (Rachel)

So pretty! (Anh)

Kate, such a lovely way to use haloumi… Your presentation is very elegant, too! (Victoria)

HOLY! That looks delish. =) All wrapped up with the haloumi poking it’s little head out. Definitely beautiful. I don’t think my oven has a grill function…or maybe it does. (Nabeela)

that’s a great idea for halloumi cheese! (Maryann)

Yes, a wonderful presentation πŸ™‚ (piccolina)

that was too simple and can’t be anything but YUMY lool

another good recipe as usual , u know i cook alot but i’m always too lazy to take pictures to what i cook and post about it .. but i should !!

take care sweetie

LU (Kate)

Proud Italian Cook , thank you so much , would love to see u around again .

Deborah , they did taste really good , after i finished mine i was even eying the one o made for my hubby :p

Rachel πŸ˜€

Anh thanks….:))

Victoria , how hoe a blow torch ?? u could just bake these for 5 mins or till the cheese starts to soften and then blow torch the top corners for the burnt / grilled effect!

Nabeela , it really is :))

Maryann , thank you πŸ™‚

Lu , yummy and simple it definately was …u see i’m a little lazy too and still want the best :p
And i was at you blog the day before and was looking for some food posts but did’nt find any :(…u shud take pictures girl !
Hope the fasting is going well … J A K ! (kimmy)

hey kate, once again job well done..I’m in love with your blog, u make the most beautiful foods. Summer is rearing its big head in Oz and i am bookmarking your recipes for the summer season…
Kimmy (Kate)

hii Kimmy …haha u are very kind , i’m so happy my recipes are of use to you. Cheers to u pal !!! πŸ˜› (maninas: food matters)

now that’s lovely! the recipe sounds great, and the photos are fantastic! great styling. why don’t you submit one of these photos for DMBLGIT? πŸ™‚

i made sth with halloumi myself recently. it was yummy! will try this, too! (Sharmi)

dear Kate, that looks so pretty and a lovely idea! (Mango Power Girl)

This recipe is so gorgeous & bright that it made me forget the dreary weather here for a minute! Your presentation is excellent & makes me wanna eat it πŸ™‚

Also, thanks for linking to me, gurl!

So, now I am posting something warm & comforting on Mango Power Girl, for the climate I’m in … gotta make best of what we got … right?! (eliza)

oregon is cold i wish i could trade place with you now πŸ™‚ i’ve never tried halloumi cheese in my life…wonder how it taste? (maybahay)

great idea. i absolutely love haloumi with grilled vegetables, it’s a frequent hot-weather supper in our house. i have never tried wrapping the vegies around the cheese though. yours looked absolutely appetizing. (maninas: food matters)

Hi Kate! Thanks for visiting my blog!

DMBLGIT is a food photography blog event – Does My Blog Look Good in This. It has no theme, you can submit anything. I’m not sure who is hosting it this month. You can find that out at β€˜Is My Blog Burning?’ or just google it. (Sophie)

These are a great idea! I love griddled halloumi sprinkled with chilli but it’s to have an alternative that comes with a bit of vegetable! (M&Ms...)

Could eat it right off the page! Nice presentation and lovely simple idea! Wish you could send some heat my way…startingt o get cold in London and have actually turned on the heat a few times ! (Kate)

manias , now that u’ve told me i think i will :)) thanks a lot !

Sharmi , ..thnx πŸ˜€

Mohini … then come n get it gurl!!!
Cant wait to see what you got out there !

eliza … dont think it’ll trade…as i dont really like the cold …but definately invite
you over :p

maybahay …i love halloumi too ! its the perfect cheese for veggies.Wrapping them is just one of the million things u can do with halloumi πŸ™‚

maninas …i shall google n find out πŸ˜€

Sophie … anything to include some veggies in the diet !

M&M’s .. really already so soon…whats happening to this world …haha global warming ..! U can have all the heat u want frm here…with love !!! (The Food Traveller)

Lekker!!! Ops, I got carried away and wrote in dutch. This looks lovely! In Italy we would use a cheese called scamorza, which is a kind of firmer mozzarella and not too different in taste from halluomi.
I should have seen your post earlier and do this on sunday! (Kate)

the food traveller … sounds good…even in dutch :p … i’m sure i would love that cheese too by the sound of it. Any thing that resembles mozzarella “D (Jessica)

these look like so much fun to make for a party!! the idea is perfect…thanks for sharing. (Kate)

hey there jessica , it is…u can even make mini parcels and hold them with toothpics and serve them.:) (Kate)

hey there jessica , it is…u can even make mini parcels and hold them with tooth pics and serve them.:) (teknor0ti)


hey watdup, thanks for a visit and a very nice comment. Fro real, your blog is far more better than mine and your shots are really looking professionally. are you a muslim too? where exactly are you from? if i may ask.

btw im not that young.

rock on!

Allah yihfadhkum (Melody Polakow)

Looks delicious… and I love the fresh thyme addition… (Brilynn)

Thses little packages are so pretty! And I’m sure tasty as well. (Kate)

teknoroti … its was nice to see your blog too …I’m originally frm India , now all over the place )

Melody πŸ™‚ the fresh thyme really tasted nice.

Brilynn …yup they sure were…infact i cant wait to make them again πŸ™‚ (Kelly-Jane)

I love halloumi, and halloumni and peppers looks wonderful, like the little package πŸ™‚ (Patricia Scarpin)

Kate, I tried halloumi for the first time during my trip and I loved it! I would certainly love this dish, it looks wonderful! (Kate)

kelly jane and patricia … thanks so much … its difficult not to like halloumi !!! (vida)

Hello from Australia!!! I love your blog, your ideas, your photos, just everything, you are an inspiration, thank you. Vida x (Kate)

hey there Vida frm down under :)).
Thank you so much for your wonderful and kind words πŸ˜€ (Chris)

This is so great! I have never had halloumi, but everything about this dish looks so tasty. (myfrenchkitchen)

Oh, I love haloumi and I love peers, so this is a definite one for me! And it looks pretty too. I can just think of how many occasions it can be served. Thanks for this post.
Ronell (Nicole)

What cute little packages!! (Kate)

Chris …halloumi is almost like an middle eastern version of mozzarella …its to die for.

Ronell .. yes it is a fantastic thing to serve for entertaining… n in different sizes too .

Nicole …thnx πŸ˜€ (Evelin)

What a wonderful idea! I’ve only bought Halloumi once, for it’s quite expensive here in Estonia, but I’m saving this idea for the next time I’m overloaded with money::D
Thank you!

Your blog is very nice, so I’ve added you to my blogroll:) (Kate)

Evelin , thanks so much for the honour. Hehe i do hope u always be over loaded with money. That can never hurt anyone πŸ™‚ (Lael)

I absolutely love the last picture! stunning! (ooishigal)

Lovely recipe, the pictures are great, bravo!

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