So I’ve started cleaning my store and am really shocked at the amt of ingredients I’ve stocked up, hoping someday I’ll make this n I’ll make that. Of course i realize I’m going to have to give away a lot of things as i cant cook it all 🙁 I’ve also been over eating as i don’t have the heart to give away so many things …. u can imagine what a pig i’ve turned into.
To use up some of the things lying around – squashes n chocolate, i decided to make Chocolate Squash cupcakes . To add an ooh la la factor i made marzipan balls with a hint of lime and put them in the center of the cupcakes ( this also made me use up the almond powder n icing sugar ) . The cupcakes turned out extremely soft n not too sweet with just a hint of squash in every bite ( used a medium size grater). A little on the darker side, for those who don’t like it do dark can choose milk choc instead. The marzipan adds a element of surprise to the cupcake and adds that little sweetness which u need by the time u reach the center of the cake. Also the drizzle was a good decision. I wasn’t going to do it before but after consuming 2 cupcakes i thought it would be nice if i did.

All in all i made quite a few, lost the count as i cant remember how many i ate by the time i finished baking n taking shots. I planned on giving them all away. Started with sending 10 to my friends place, then another 5 to another family, 2 to someone who came over and thought about giving the rest to a few other people, but as time passed i had another cupcake and another , and love them sooo much that i’m having second thoughts about sharing them. Oh i just remembered they were 29 cupcakes. Odd but yes they were 29 after scraping the bowl clean.


For the Marzipan

  • 175 gms caster sugar
  • 250 gms ground almonds
  • 175 gms icing sugar
  • 1 egg yolk and 1 whole egg
  • lemon zest and juice of one lime

Mix the dry ingredients in a bowl. In another bowl beat the eggs and zest and pour over the dry ingredients. Now pour the juice on top mixing continuously . Stop when it comes together as a dough or add more until it forms one. Make small balls and cover with cling film and set aside.


sorry the recipe had to be taken off. If u need it, pls just let me know i’ll mail it to you.

For the Icing

  • 200 gms icing sugar
  • 1-2 tbsps water

Pre-heat oven to 180 C. Lightly grease large muffin pans and line with muffin cups.

In a bowl mix together the sugar, butter and oil. Beat in eggs, one at a time until well incorporated. Stir in vanilla, buttermilk, squash and chopped chocolate .
In a separate bowl mix together all of the dry ingredients. Add the liquid ingredients and mix until well combined. With an ice cream scoop fill half the cases with the cake batter. Now place a marzipan ball in the center and top with rest of the batter. Put a few flakes of the top and bake
for 35 mins. Cool on a wire rack .Sift the icing sugar and mix in the water. It should be thick and not runny. Drizzle on top and let it dry. Ready to eat 🙂 Enjoy !!!

* they taste much better on keeping for half a day 🙂

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Comment : (Deborah)

These sound and look delicious!! I have been really into squash this year, and this sounds like a wonderful way to use it! (nixtress)

They are so pretty! (Mishmash !)

so you have got everything done, cupcakes,fresh juice and the table set in a beautiful garden….what a beautiful way to enjoy those goodies:) (clumsy)

These look great, and I love any cupcakes with veggies in them!

It’s also nice that they taste better after keeping for a half day—so many bakery items need to be eaten immediately. (Kate)

deborah, they really are, even if u give them to some who does not like squash, they will eat it happily !

Nixtress , thanks 🙂

Mishmash … hehe yes …in my garden all for me …. after i finished i sat there and helped myself 😛 (Kate)

Clumsy , i ate one as soon as it was out of the oven , one after the icing , one while the photo shoot , one at night , 3 today …so yes i can tell they taste better after keeping for a while :))) (Alita)

They look delicious! Chocolate with cinnamon and ginger, I bet it was a tasty combination!
Love the serving basket too! (Nabeela)

Lovely pictures…and marzipan in the cupcakes? Creative! (Kate)

Alita … yes it was , thanks

Nabeela , thanks …. it really tastes nice as the homemade marzipan is softer than the store bought one and it melts in the mouth. (Belinda)

Kate, your setting looks so beautiful! I love the little basket, and the flowers. And the orange juice adds a vibrant pop of color, very nicely styled. 🙂 The cupcakes themselves sound wonderful. What an interesting way to use squash…I love it! (Anh)

Kate, how lovely… I really like this photo set. They have such a peaceful vibe… (Sylvia)

I love the recipe ,my husband is mad about marzipan and certainly he enjoy this cupcakes. I will try to made this recipe.
BTW I am linking your blog in mine, so i don’t miss any recipe. The lovely photos I know how find 😉 (Marianna)

Aaah such a wonderful recipe, such great inviting photos! I wish I could just pull a cupcake out of the photo and try it 🙂 (Sultana)

WOW….This is definitly an amazing original recipe! I have never heard of anything quite like it…It sounds delicious!

love,sultana 🙂 (Victoria)

i LOVE marzipan! yummmmmmms and pumpkin muffins. i really need to bake these. really. like. reaalllyy. (Kate)

Belinda , thanks so much … putting the juice there was a good idea 🙂

Anh …:D thanks

Sylvia … i’m sure he’ll like them. I’m having a tough time controlling myself. Thanks for liking me 🙂

Marianna … i wish u could … 🙂

Sultana , yes neither have i so when i came up with it , i was very pleased with myself 🙂

Victoria ….that would make me reaallllyyyy happy !!!:P (Rachel)

lovely cup cakes..I am actually drooling out here i realize why it’s terrible for the waist line 😛

Well-done the pic with the baking tray.. (Cakespy)

Beautiful photos, and a very compelling recipe. So rich and velvety looking, I might say they’re practically truffle cupcakes (I am saying that as very high praise!). I love the photos too. The color the the juice and the flowers in the background makes them look really appetizing! (Kate)

Rachel … hehe they are …its best to make some eat one and give the rest away right away …or be will willing to run your butt off on the treadmill 🙂

Cakespy 🙂 thanks … they were very decadent. They deserved the beautiful setting. (Nora B.)

These cupcakes sound so moist and with all those flavours no wonder you had trouble keeping count of how many you ate. I would’ve done the same!

You mentioned on my blog that you are not a big fan of pumpkin. But you do like squash? I find the terminology confusing because what we call pumpkin here is squash… anyway, I think I will have to make some of your cupcakes, they are too tempting! (Kate)

Nora … u are probably thinking butternut squash.I used the little green ones, like zucchini. They are light green in colour and a little stubbier than zucchinis.

Hehe … its happened to me before too …things are called different names in different parts of the world.As for the cakes…they would taste nice even with pumpkin …so go on n try it. (Coffee & Vanilla)


Just a short note to let you know I nominated you to Inspiring Food Photography Event 🙂

Margot (Mango Power Girl)

Chocolate and Squash are made for each other and you made it look so nice! That marzipan is a nice twist, I really want a bite! Love the pink from your secret garden (show us more ;)there, great contrast to the cupcakes. I am Glad you gave most away! (Alex)

Looks sooo yummy!!! And I love how you got innovative and put a marzipan centre…your blog has been added to my “blogs I adore” list… (PROUD ITALIAN COOK)

Kate, I never worked with Marzipan, it is something I need to try. Your photos look beautiful with the chocolate, orange and purple, luv the basket too!! (The Food Traveller)

So many cakes lately!!! And all so pretty to see and delicious. Not to mention the photos !!! Congratulation s again.
Not that I mind at all … it is something I have neglected for the past months (diet sigh sigh) … but I have heard that my wife will be making a double cheese cake this week end … so maybe the lack of baking is almost at the end (technically not since I won’t be baking). (Kate)

Margot …aw thank so so much 🙂 That is really very nice of you …can u gimme a link to this website/event 😀

Mo …hehe u can have all the bites u want.The marzipan does taste really nice in there….and i am glad i gave them away or i would’ve been crying by now….calories !!!!

Alex …thanks so much…i’ll be visiting u too 🙂

Proud Italian Cook , marzipan is really easy to work with. Not that i’ve done any fancy work with it but the dough is insanely easy to make.

The Food Traveller …i know too many dessert posts lately and its not good for my waistline 🙂
Thanks … and lucky you …it’ll be a well deserved cheesecake 😛 … and on the other hand i need o be going on a diet …!!!! (maninas: food matter)

Hi Kate!

I love your photos and presentation! The little basket is simply adorable! (sagari)

yumm pics look soooo yummyyyyyyyyyy (Kate / Kajal)

maninas thanks so much , i love the basket too 😛

sagari 😀 (Dhanggit)

i did some pumpkin cookies this year it will be a great idea to do pumpkin muffins for next year’s halloween…love this post!! (Kate / Kajal)

Dhanggit … make sure u bookmark this recipe 😛 (Rosa's Yummy Yums)

What dainty little cupcakes! Really wonderful! I love that idea…


Rosa (Frapp)

Not a big fan of marzipan but mmm…they do look delicious! (Kate / Kajal)

Rosa they are cute are’nt they 🙂 …thanks so much

Frapp … u shud give it a try …they taste nice in there and the marzipan is quite soft and not hard like marzipan usually is. (fafarrahzzi)

i absolutely, absolutely love the pics. yummmmm! i suddenly developed a craving for all things marzipan.

plus, you also oughta file your blog nomination under best styling if ever they came up with such a category. so very inspiring. =) (Kate / Kajal)

fafarrahzzi …then this is just the thing to have.
….aww that is so sweet i’m almost blushing now.But u can vote for me in the current best food category.

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