Any of you who are going to be in Bombay tomorrow, do buy a copy of DNA, the city’s second-most selling newspaper!! Yours truly is being featured there in a section covering specialty blogs written by Bombayites! I am very kicked about this :P. Check out the screenshot of the page below. If you want to see what pearls of wisdom I have shared with the unsuspecting newsreaders, do check out My pic is on the bottom right hand corner in the SPEAK UP column. And of course the main page will change in a days time so if you miss it go to the direct link here.

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Comment : (Asha)

That is a great news Kajal, will check it out! Enjoy the success!:)) (Avinash)

Way to go Anky!

Avi (nixtress)

Look how pretty!!! This is so awesome for you, congrats! (Anita)

Congrats Kate! Your gorgeous site deserves the mention!! (M&Ms...)

awesome!!! See, your blog is amazing.
Congrats. By the way, not visiting HK. Plan got scrapped. Guess will have to hear abt HK through you for now… 🙂 (Anh)

Kate, catch ya! You are such a beautiful girl! 😀 (Mango Power Girl)

An-kat-jal-mint, way to go girl! NRI represent!!! I am even prouder to nominate you for the Blogger’s Choice Awards now …see, even if you don’t win that vote you win in other ways 😉 (but by the way, #4 is a pretty darn sweet spot!) You, me, and Indians like us, who have been transplanted elsewhere deserve recognition back home for all we do to represent India … it’s all about making the best of the cultures around the world you experience, like having a great fusion dish, and you’ve done that with your blog! Great work … there are lots of desis writing great blogs and blogs are just the start 😉 Your family and friends are going to be so proud back home when they see your photo in the newspaper tomorrow. Congrats again! (Nabeela)

I don’t see your picture in the paper…wonder if they took it off.
Congrats on being featured! (Kate / Kajal)

Asha ..thanks 🙂

Aviii …can u imagine…thanks 🙂

Nix … miss brunette …thanks 🙂

M&M’s .. thank you .. its b’cuz of all your love n support.
…n aww….why ?? i’m so sorry …seems like my plan is a bit delayed too 🙁

Mo….u are a darling girl :))) How i’ve come to love you over the past couple of weeks :)))Thanks for everything …it wouldn’t have been possible without you. Yeah i’m very happy all my efforts have been recognized …finally :)))There are a few poeple out there who think i do a wonderful job , and thanks to them this was possible too. My sis has just gone to get the paper so i cant wait to see her reaction …..hehe :))

Nabeela , honey its still there i just checked it. Take a look fast bottom right hand corner , just under Rahul Dravid and above Marjorie Orr 🙂 (Kate / Kajal)

anh …sorry…. Thank You sooooo much …:P (Anonymous)

This was ineveitable, her blog was to get noticed one day or the other, it was just a matter of time. i am waitin for her book to come out.
cheers (Kelly-Jane)

Congratulations!! (Kate / Kajal)

Sunil , that is soo sweet of you..:)

Kelly Jane 😀 (Lydia)

Congratulations! It’s always exciting when the rest of the world discovers how much is going on in the blog world. (Megan)

You Go, Girl=)
Congrats! (daphne)

congratulations!! That is very very exciting!!! (Dani Spies)

Congratulations!! That is fantastic!! This is my first time to you’re site and boy oh boy, do you’re recipes look delicious!!! Can’t wait to try some;) (E to the M)

Congratulations, that is very, very cool and well deserved. (Rachel)

that’s a nice write up. way to go!

did not get to see ur pic by the way. (The Food Traveller)

Congrats kate!!!
BTW I named you for a meme …. 🙂 (Kate / Kajal)

Lydia , thank you 🙂

Megan ..=))

Daphne …it really is …thank you 🙂

Dani Spies … thanks , looking fwd to seeing you around.

E to the M . thats kind of you to say so …:)

Rachel , the pic remains on only for the day :(. Maybe next time when i get a bigger spot 😛

The Food Traveller ..thanks
will follow up on the meme 🙂 (Nora B.)

oh, I missed the picture too.

Kate, congrats on the recognition – this is really terrific, I’m so happy for you.

Hope you are having a good weekend. (Nabeela)

Don’t know what’s wrong but I still don’t see it. There’s Rahul Dravid and Brad Pitt/George Clooney…but no Kate!! I’m even more curious to see you now 🙂 (Mahafreed Irani)

Woah!!! just realised how big u r!!
super-duper..keep it up! (Rasa Malaysia)

Congrats. 🙂 (Chris)

Very cool! Congratulations! (Kate / Kajal)

Nora …aww sorry …maybe next time 🙂 thanks anyways …i’m having a gr8 sunday , just got back from a lake resort …started raining out of the blue so had to run home early , but now atleast i get to chk all my lovely comments:P…how about you …hows ur weekend going ?

Nabeela … honey seems like i’ll have to mail you my pic 🙂 its gone from the papers now .

Mahafreed …. haha 😛 sure ..u keep putting me in ur front lines n i’ll keep it up, in fact i’ll take it a notch higher :))

Rasa 😀 thank u

Chris ..thanks ! (Delicieux)

Congrats Kate on the recognition. You definitely deserve it. I absolutely adore your blog and love the recipes and wonderful photography.

Well done!! (Kate / Kajal)

Oh Delicieux , you really made my day , that is very sweet of you to say such kind things…:) thanks (eliza)

oh my! i don’t know you’re an Indian…you have such a lovely name, Kajal and beautiful picture too! i’m gonna call you Kajal from now on whether you like it or not 😀 (Kate / Kajal)

eliza… 😀 ..yes i am …thanks so much ..n of course u can call me Kajal …i’d love that ! (Cenk)

Beautiful picture. Congrats!!!

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