So much for me staying away from sweets … Ha ! Well but u cant blame me its Diwali . Hindus all over the world are celebrating the New Year on Friday. I was supposed to be back home by now celebrating with my family, but here i am, thinking about all the fun i am missing out on. Diwali would at par with Christams- for Christians , Eid Al Fitr – for Muslims , The Chinese New Year – for the Chinese, and so on …. i guess u get the idea 🙂
I remember when i was younger, i would really look forward to Diwali … firstly for the 15 days of holidays, and then the new clothes, visiting my cousins and grandparents , getting together n bursting fire crackers at night, lighting lanterns and little diyas( little mud n oil candles) that would sparkle in the dark, distributing sweets, and the best part of it all would be collecting money from our elders. All of us 8 cousins used to shower n wear our new clothes and be ready early in the morning and as soon as our grandparents, n uncles n aunties used to come we used to make them line up them and start touching their feet for blessings ( thats a traditional thing ) and then in return collect brand new crisp notes of 10 /20/50 rupees. Hehe … n during these 2-3 days all relatives come to greet u , so we would be asking for everyones blessings .. n ofcourse blessings came with a 20 buck note tucked in … so by the end of the season we used to all be rich 😛 . Well now tables have turned … i find myself giving money to the little rascals in my family now … 🙂 , but yes its alawys fun .

Well so heres wishing all my dear friends a Happy Diwali n a Prosperous new year. May you have the best year ahead with gr8 joy n happiness, gr8 health and of course tons of wealth 🙂

Its a festival of light, love, sharing and caring and now i miss my mum 🙁 She used to make Shrikhand and Puri along with a lot of other delicacies on the big day. Shrikhand would be fresh curd tied in a muslin cloth and hung overnight in the fridge till all the water drained out, leaving a thick rich creamy curd. I wanted to make some my self but i used mascarpone instead … thought triple cream would be a nice substitute to hung curd. I made 2 flavours here. The first would be pureed mango, saffron a bit of caster sugar n mascarpone. And the second is mascarpone, cream , caster sugar , cardamom , pistachios and caster sugar. Layer them in the glass and top up with sliced pistachios and saffron. Chill and serve.

And now for the Meme ! Last week Francesco of The Food Traveller nominated me for the “Thinking Blogger Award”. Its my first time ever participating in one , and this one is pretty simple. Just have to name 5 blogs that make you think, say a few things about them and invite them to do the same. Francesco is far to kind to put me on top of his list. Its truly an honour to know that someone who has such a fantastic blog himself thinks my blog is worthy of praise. I am humbled by his kind words. And now to talk about my 5 , the ones that really inspire me and make me think …

1 . Matt from Matt Bites

Who is one of the sweetest person i’ve come to know through blogging. He is extremely talented, kind, helpful, funny, honest and all that reflects on his blog.

2. Nolan from Chef Ledarney

A Canadian Chef in Japan, an artists soul trapped in a chefs body and a super chef in the making …( wow did i just “chef” 3 times in a sentence!) … gr8 now go chk out his blog … 🙂

3. Keiko from Nordjlus

Without whom i dont think i would’ve had this blog today. I stumbled onto her blog last year
and was so inspired by it , i had to make my own, i was so excited i even wrote to her before i started off and then of course as soon as i did she was there to support me with her kind words

4. Mohini from Mango Power Girl

Is from Seattle and has come to become a very close friend, all thanks to blogging. She has a fine vegetarian blog, and personally i think its a gr8 challenge to be veg ! 🙂

5. Bea from La Tartine Gourmade

Who’s creations and photography are spectacular. Always an inspiration to me .

There are many more wonderful blogs that i’d like to nominate but that would be breaking the rules … aww i wish it were’nt only 5 !!!

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Comment : (chef ledarney)

I’m honored.

Nice recipe as well. (maybahay)

Happy Diwali. Have a lovely and peaceful holiday though you’re far from the family.
Beautiful and tempting photos as usual. (Kate / Kajal)

Nolan …:D

maybahay … i’m going home soon …!
thanks (Asha)

Kajal, sorry you are missing being with your family for Diwali! Dessert looks fabulous, scrumptious color!
Enjoy the award, but where is the MeMe? Did I miss it?
Happy Diwali, make the best out of tomorrow!
Noisy firecrackers are not allowed here except on July 4th, but we have some noiseless ones for kids!:)) (Mishmash !)

I know you re missing all that fun but dont you think , you have already embraced the festival in all its spirits and reliving the childhood memories, its more of a feeling…so enjoy…wishing you all the fun and happiness of the season 🙂

Shn (Deborah)

I don’t know a whole lot about Diwali, so I just learned a lot from your post! I love learning about different traditions and such, so it was fun to hear about how you would get rich! 😛 (Kate / Kajal)

Asha … thanks…
the Meme is nominating other blogs that make you think. I’m sure its all there.
This year they are trying to control the noise pollution in Bombay as well , but dont know far they will succeed.Used to be gr8 in our times, we even used to have rockets flying into our neighbours houses..haha…not safe but still fun !

Shn … 🙂 u got a point there … 🙂 thanks m wish you the same as well !

Deborah … thanks nice that i could tell some something about Diwali …. u should read Asha’s post as well…
n hehe yeah …want that a quick way to get rich 😛 (Rachel)

Happy Diwali!
That is a nice read regarding you childhood memories..The mango shrikand looks so the colour… (teresa)

Hi,I just got passionate about food blogs..I’m seeing so many lately and i must say yours it’s one of the most nice..your recipes look so inviting,and so do the pictures..brava!!
ciao from italy,teresa (teresa)

Hi,I just got passionate about food blogs..I’m seeing so many lately and i must say yours it’s one of the most nice..your recipes look so inviting,and so do the pictures..brava!!
ciao from italy,teresa (Kate / Kajal)

Rachel … Thanks it was wonderful sharing 🙂

Tesesa … welcome to the food blogging world.It makes me real happy to know u like my blog…much appreciated 🙂 (teresa)

if you’ll ever find interesting a recipe of mine just by the picture I’ll send it to you in english,ok?thank u too for stopping “chez moi”,ciao! (Kate / Kajal)

haha sure teresa…sounds like a deal ! (Larissa)

Happy Diwali! I have some dear friends who introduced me to some of the Diwali customs and traditions during college, and have some great memories from that! (Nabeela)

Oooh Shrikhand. I’ve been meaning to get to that soon…the cardamom version sounds very easy. Maybe I’ll do that first. Thanks for posting the recipe! (Jeena)

Hi there I like your blog its lovely. 🙂 (Larissa)

Happy Diwali! I have fond memories of friends introducing me to Diwali customs and traditions in college. (bea at la tartine gourmande)

Thanks so much for the sweet mention. I feel honored! (Mango Power Girl)

Kajal – THANKS! for nominating me for the Thinking Blogger meme 🙂 Especially as you recognized the vegetarian aspect of MPG — I’m honored! It’s also a great Diwali present (you still owe me cake 😉 Happy Diwali & New Year to you as well!

I can’t tell you how much I have been thinking about Shrikhand in last 2 days … I almost made it, too!!

Hey, are you growing a stash of saffron in the backyard or what?! 😉 This dessert & shoot are amazing! It includes everything I love, and then beautifully composed! I hope you get to enjoy at least some leftovers from Diwali when you land in Mumbai! (daphne)

that’s a beautiful picture!!! very tempting! (Kate / Kajal)

Larissa … thats nice to know :)Wish you a Happy Diwali as well, hope u get a chance to celebrate with some friends.

Nabeela ..:) …i’ve always had it with cardamom … it was made for shrikhand 😛

Jeena ..thank you 🙂

Bea , u are welcome .

Mo …hehe it is bloody diff being veg …dunno how u manage 😛 …haha don’t worry your cake is on 🙂

U should have we would have had a small shrikhand party. n hehe no my husbands best friend lives in Iran , apparently the best saffron also comes from there, so when ever he comes down i ask him to bring me some .
I’m glad u like the photoshoot, i really enjoyed doing it as well, and yes i do hope i land in Bombay to get some leftovers …inshallah by next week. (Kate / Kajal)

Daphne … thanks 🙂 (clumsy)

Hey! Sorry if this sounds idiotic… but could you explain how you use the candles during the holiday. My neighbors had a similar candle lighted and placed right outside their door. It looked very welcoming and reminded me of your photo. Just wondering if placing the candle outside your door happens to be a tradition of the holiday. 🙂 Thanks! (Kate / Kajal)

Hi Clumsy …no its not idiotic at all …:) its a traditional to light candles- Diya’s, Diwali is a festival of lights we light up our houses, and make lovely Rangoli at the door – which is art made from colored powder. This symbolizes celebration and welcomes everyone to come visit and share the festive spirit.Somewhat like doing up a Christmas Tree 🙂 (clumsy)

Thank you for the wonderful explanation! I love the look of the candles, it put a smile on my face when I saw it lighted outside my neighbors door! Happy Diwali! (ces)

hi kate!
happy diwali!
i wish a bountiful one ahead!
yum yum and very tempting even if i’m on a diet:) (Kate / Kajal)

clumsy , u are most welcome… u can light some candles too… there is always an excuse to light up 🙂

ces … dont say “diet ” mine has gone out of the window ! Thanks for the warm wishes honey 🙂 (myfrenchkitchen)

Hope you had a wonderful Diwali!
Your dessert looks beautifully festive and colourful..
ronell (Dana)

Happy Diwali! This dessert looks really delicious — I love creamy, smooth desserts, and I especially love mascarpone (and mango!). (Kate / Kajal)

Ronell … its quieter than expected , but still its going well…thank you 😀

Dana …then i’m sure you’ll love this too …Thanks 🙂 (M&Ms...)

Belated Happy Diwali and New Year! Actually, tried to post earlier but am sure I messed something up. Anyway, as usual.. fantastic idea with the mascarpone cheese and beautiful shot. Can’t wait to give it a try as I happen to have cream and mascarpone cheese at home. (The Food Traveller)

Happy Diwali … I think I heard of it from a good friend of mine (who is now living far from where we are now) but I never really understood it. Or maybe I was not paying attention.

I see nice new blogs for me to explore in your list! Good … some web-xploring to do tonite while waiting for the dinner to get ready in the oven!

Ciao. (Kate / Kajal)

M&M’s … sometimes blogger acts funny …i’ve faced that soo many times.
U can use any fruit really, whatever u have at hand. Let me know how it turns out.

Francesco ..hehe well i guess now u know:P …Hope u had fun surfing these blogs. They are defi some of my fav .BTW … whats cookin ??? (The Food Traveller)

That will be tonite … it is still 2pm here. It will be a a pasta baked in the oven which I blogged some time ago (even if this time it came out better!!!). (Kate / Kajal)

aah .. i wish i could just crash at your place for dinner…kinda feeling lazy to make some today 🙂 (Anita)

Happy Diwali Kate! I love your dessert – but I love the photo of the candles the best! (Nora B.)

Hi Kate, Happy Diwali! I’m sorry that you were not able to make home in time to celebrate with your family.

p/s: wonderful that you were nominated for the thinking blogger award. (Aimée)

Congratulations on your nomination! Well deserved, I must say! (sweeetheartfever)

i just stumbled across your blog after browsing/drooling through a dozen other foodie websites, and i have to tell you that it is lovely! i know you hear this all the time , but once more can’t hurt. 🙂 what great looking and sounding food. i hope some day to match even half of your delicious output!

ill be reading frequently and looking forward to making some of your dishes.

cassie (Alita)

amazing! bgreat skills and great design!
congratulations! 😀
I’d like to dig into this desert! 🙂 (Kate / Kajal)

Anita , hehe thanks , its even more beautiful when u light up the whole place with them.

Nora … yeah …i’m still stuck here …dunno when i’ll get there 🙁

Aimee thanks:)

sweetheartforever / cassie…. aww i love to hear it honey …. will never get tired of it 😛 thanks sooo much.Hope to see you around. Cheers !

Alita , thanks … and you are most welcome to dig into it 😛 Infact u can have it all !!! (Alita)

oh, that soooo … decadent 😛 🙂 🙂
nice of you! 🙂 (Mansi Desai)

hey, the shrikhand looks great! both flavors are regulars in my house, I use Sour cream instead of yoghurt and it turns out pretty good! hope u had a great diwali! (Kate / Kajal)

Alita … :DD

Mansi , i should try sour cream . My diwali was quiet, but nice . Hope u had a gr8 nice one too.

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