This is probably the first time i am sincerely following up a meme. I know i haven’t in the past and like to apologize to all those who tagged me and i didn’t follow up. I’m sure there was an explanation why i couldn’t. This time around the very talented and beautiful Annemarie of Ambrosia & Nectar has tagged me for a 7 Random Things Meme … and watch out i gotta pass it on to 7 more. I cant do all 7 … or u’ll be reading forever, I’ll try as many as i can.

Lost in Translation

While i was in Ethiopia, i had trouble finding staff that spoke english. Somehow i had to settle for a house maid who could understand sign language … as in when i needed her to sweep the house I’d have to catch the broom in my hand and show her what i wanted her to do, when i needed her to make the bed every morn i had to literally go to the bed, touch the sheets n show her how … u get the idea right. Fortunately for us she knew the number zero and that it resembles a circle, so every time we need her to cut onion in circles/slices, I’d hear my hubby shouting in the kitchen, ” Cut onion zero zero !”, ha but thats hardly funny …. in that house for some weird reason the stupid architect had decided to make the kitchen outside the house. So every time i cooked, she had to carry the food to the sitting room. So one fine day I happened to make some Chinese and rushed the food to the sitting room from outside and when i reached the table i realized that she forgotten to put bowls on the table. Now we were bloody hungry and the food was getting cold so i didn’t go myself and instead told her pls bring me the bowls … she didn’t understand … then i said the one u put on the table everyday … round round … shaking my hands fanatically … zero zero … i stared at her hoping she understood … and then she said … oh yes … i bring …. and we waited .. what was taking her so long … almost finished our meal …. and then she walks holding a basket ball in both her hands …. ” madam u say ball , this ball ?!”
haha my hubby n me were on the floor … i swear u should’ve seen the expression on her face. It was a really funny moment.

Real Stupid

Yes, thats how i felt on the 15th of July last year. My hubby n me were leaving from Mumbai to come to Ghana. We were having a real tough time getting bookings and after chasing the travel agent for days together and changing the dates a couple of times we decided either 15th or 16th would be good, whichever booking we got.We got a booking finally and the travel agent had the tickets sent home. I collected them with my very own hands and didn’t bother to re check as i assumed they were correct and besides i was busy doing something else. So i packed up, said our goodbyes and my in laws came to drop us at the airport. We x-rayed our baggage and went to the airline counter and presented the tickets. The guy looked at the tickets and then looked at us, then looked at the tickets and looked at us …. and then said … ” u are one day early !” WHAT !!! how can that be… pls chk u are making a mistake .. by now realizing i could be the laughing stock of my family for the rest of the year. And yes I was. I had got us to the airport one day early ! I read the date wrong or something … but all i know is that from a seasoned traveller like me this was not expected and felt real stupid, and had to go back home. My in laws were still waiting out, they usually do till they see us walk into immigration , but this time around they took us back home ! yes everyone was laughing – except me !

Something Nice For A Change

I’ve been a bit busy lately, u can call me productive. I have been supplying a couple of sweet goodies to a local Cafe and Salad bar, here in Ghana … think i mentioned it before. But before it was just a trial kinda thing, this time I’ve started all out. Here are some shots, of some of the things I’m making and supplying. Nothing fancy, but it sells.


I’m just not good with them ! Tell me a number and i assure you i cant repeat it. If you talk to me i will absorb everything but if theres a number in there somewhere I’ll not even register it. Dunno why but its just a terrible problem. Cant remember prices, telephone numbers even after few seconds of reading it, cant calculate a discount when i get one in the store, just not good at anything with numbers …. and thats probably also the reason why I’m not making a killing in the share market and just blogging with all the spare time i have! “P
I’m tagging Eva of Sweet Sins, The Homesick Texan, Mansi of Fun and Food , Rachel from Tangerines Kitchen Hangout , Mohini of Mango Power Girl , Zen Chef from Chefs Gone Wild , Sara from MS. Adventures in Italy,

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Comment : (Ana)

Beautiful photos…beautiful. May I ask, what kind of camera are you using?

I love your blog, keep up the good work.

Ana (Mishmash)

Kajal, It was nice knowing you, especially with the travel story :))))First two pics are real tempting ones….i am sure your products are being sold like hot cakes…gud luck with the assignment 🙂

Shn (Aimée)

That cheesecake looks so perfect, it should be on the cover of a magazine! Well done! (Kate / Kajal)

Ana … thanks, Canon 400D

Shn , i have far too many stories …i’ll have to share them one at a time. And thank you … i hope it works out.

Aimee .. haha now thats flattering ! (Mansi Desai)

boy! those look good Kajal! and yeah, we all have our “really stupid” times!:) your desserts should sell like gold girl! they are so pretty!

thanks for the tag…will see when I can do it as I’ve already done 2 before:) (Deborah)

What a fun post!! I love your stories. And those desserts look amazing! (Kate / Kajal)

Mansi … i was looking fwd to reading yours 🙂 but no pressure really , in the past I’ve also not followed up on many meme’s.

Deborah , thanks 😀 (toni)

First time visiting your post, and I’m laughing hysterically at your stories! Great to start out learning something about the one with the blog.

And then there’s your food — Love the look of that cheesecake! (anya)

You make 5-star desserts, Kate!! So splendid!! (Cinnamonda)

Your cakes look exquisite! I especially like the pictures of the cherry cheesecake. Good luck with your venture, although I think, the customers will absolutely love your goodies!

Tiina (Kate / Kajal)

Toni, nice to know it made u laugh. Hope to see u again soon.

Anya … oh thank you very much !

Tiina, i really hope they too, I’m always too scared wondering whether they like it or not. (Cakespy)

Fun to learn a bit more about you! (glamah16)

The first story made me laugh! I love your pastries. Its nice to have a fun sideline. (White On Rice Couple)

Thanks for this “getting to know you better ” post. This post and your blog explains how fun and worldly you are. Now Todd is really hooked! What ever you do, don’t post about tri-tip steak. Cause if you did, I just might lose him! 🙂 (Kate / Kajal)

cakespy … 😀

glamah16, thanks, it really is. (Coffee & Vanilla)

Hi Kate,

It was fund reading you meme 🙂
Have a wonderful weekend, Margot (Kevin)

That cheesecake looks so amazing covered with those cherries!! The chocolate cakes also look really good. I like the shaved chocolate topping.

Nice photos!

Baking to give away is the best way to do it. I do not make treats too often because I know that I will have to finish all of them by myself. You can make a little extra for your self to enjoy and not have too much. (Alita)

mm both look fantastic ! 🙂 I really love simple yet elegant food 🙂
And colorful as well 🙂 (Zen Chef)

I already did the meme… lalalala!:-)
I posted 5 random things about myself recently. Look for a post called ‘Tagging Frenzy’.
Thank you for thinking of me.

I love your desserts. They look fantastic! 🙂 (Annemarie)

Kajal, I loved reading these things – thanks so much. I feel very special that you finally made the effort for the meme. 🙂

The cakes are *gorgeous* – I’m not surprised they’re selling well! Hope you get lots of orders and you enjoy every moment of the baking. (Sagari)

both treats are delecioussssss kajal (Kate / Kajal)

Margot , thanks i did have a nice weekend.

Kevin …i so agree with u, when u bake for other u don’t feel so guilty … i used to bake for myself earlier , when i used to have my crazy cravings … but that was not good for my waistline at all, now i’m so full just looking at the cakes everyday, i don’t crave them anymore.

Alita … thanks girl 🙂

Zen Chef … aww, what a shame … u wont be doing this one. Will surely read the one u already did.
And thanks … 🙂

Annmarie … it was a pleasure … but i dont think i’ll be doing another one for a long long time 😛
And thank you … pls pray for me … i need many many orders …invested a bit of money and i want to recover fast and start seeing the profits !..haha a bit impatient are’nt i ??

Sagari … thanks honey !! (Mango Power Girl)

These look sooo amazing. I bet you have some happy clients there…I wish you lived here, so I would get those leftover cakes 😉 Hmmm Meme ..I’ll really have to think up some stuff then! I still can’t believe you got to the airport a day early..ha ha ha…we almost did that once 😛 (Lydia (The Perfect Pantry))

I love the bowl/ball story — because in a way it could happen to any of us! (Maryann)

Beautiful food and a fun article. Thank you 🙂 (mycookinghut)

Your pictures are amazing! I particularly love this one
🙂 (Kate / Kajal)

Mo … i hope they are happy clients :), and i’d love to have u as my neighbour ! and pls dont remind me … this story is going to be repeated by my grandchildren!

Lydia …. sure could !

Maryann … u are most welcome 🙂

mycookinghut … thanks .. this pic did turn out quite nice. (Linda)

I love reading random things about people and yours was most entertaining 🙂

I love your photos and love when there’s something new on Flickr! I use a Canon 400D too, aren’t they just the best?

It’s always nice when people appreciate your ‘work’ and then want to pay you for it. I get a cake/cupcake order every now and then and it’s just really rewarding to see the look on the customer’s face when they can see the special something that you made for them.

Love your blog, I want to comment more often but I’m always afraid my comment will get overlooked as you are so popular! 🙂 (Cynthia)

So which do you prefer to be called? Kate or Kajal? 🙂

You take some very beautiful photographs and congrats on the cafe thing now being a regular thingy. They are so lucky to have your goodies.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and helping me to discover yours. Looking forward to seeing you around. (SteamyKitchen)

love that last photo! (The Food Traveller)

But you are not the only one who did the “one day early” error ….. (Alexandra)

hee hee I love the story about you and your maid…it made me laugh out loud right here at work where I’m supposed to be “working” instead of browsing blogs 🙂 I lived in Indonesia growing up and also had maids and there were some pretty funny stories there… (SUGARCRAFT INDIA)

Hi Kate

Great meme to read..
Perfect cheese it totally!!
All the best for your new have a long way to go girl!!

Swati (Kate / Kajal)

Linda , Oh yes i love my Canon ! Glad you liked my meme. And yes it is very rewarding to see satisfied customers.
…and please every comment is precious to me .. dont ever say that ! i will always reply to each and ever comment u drop me and pls give me a link to your flickr as well. I’d love to see what u do with your Canon and your cupcakes too 🙂

Cynthia … either … i actually have 3 more names, equally used but thats another story altogether !Glad u liked my blog … i love your too. Looking fwd to some blogging interaction.

Jaden … thanks.

Francesco …. haha u kidding me … u too ! pls u have to tell more, i want to hear it all !

Alexandra … haha in Hongkong i have an Indonesian maid and i have some pretty wild stories of her as well , not to mention my Chinese adventures !!!glad the story made u laugh … even if it were at your workplace!

Swati , thank you so much !!! i hope this project turns out good. (Dhanggit)

hi kate, thanks for sharing these memorable and funny anecdotes of yours..its always nice to know the people behind their blog 🙂 and those dessert they look gorgeous!!! (JennDZ - The Leftover Queen)

Those goodie look scrumptious! Those people at the cafe sure are lucky!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! (Kate / Kajal)

Dhanggit & Jenn … thanks …! (I Cook4Fun)

Thanks for you comment at my blog. I really like all the pictures you took especially the cheesecake 🙂 (Suzana)

Kate, that’s too funny! Thanks for making me laugh after a tough day. Beautiful goodies! (One Food Guy)

What fantastic desserts! Very nice! (Oh for the love of food!)

These little chocolate cakes look simply sublime, Kate – what’s in it? The red cherry cheesecake is gorgeous too, though I’m not a big fan of non -baked cheesecakes.
I’m terrible with numbers too, and names and faces.. (Kate / Kajal)

ICook4Fun , thanks

Suzana … i’m glad it did !

One Food Guy …thank you 🙂

Oh for the love of food … its actually a choc whiskey cake, with choc ganache and shavings. Just a sample i made for some clients.
And isn’t it terrible when u just cant remember stuff. I feel so handicapped at times , wish i could do something to enhance my memory. (Sophie)

Those desserts look lovely!

I wonder if not being good at remembering numbers makes recipes hard to remember? (Rachel)

Kate…..I tagged you at the first place..and you re-tag me :DD Check this (Rachel)

Nice read your meme!!

Love the sweet goodies..can i order too???
cheesecake looks way too good! great pics! (Kate / Kajal)

Sophie …. it does , thats why i have to keep opening my books again n again to see the recipe !

Rachel … u see i told you i had a bad memory. Its not only numbers … i think with everything in general 😛
Thanks … yes i’ll take your order :)..gladly !!! (Proud Italian Cook)

Kate, Your food always looks amazing!! (chriesi)

Beautiful desserts. (Kate / Kajal)

proud italian cook .. thank you … i love your food too.

chriesi thanks (eliza)

kajal, you’re lucky to be able to supply a cafe with your delicious desserts. i’m sure i will buy one if i was in the cafe 🙂

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