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If you are wondering why i havent put up a post yet, i can explain that. I’ve been busy travelling for the past 9 days. Been to Hongkong, Koh Samui, China and am now in Mumbai. Too many things things to do … so little time. I had made this deliciously moist and rich chocolate cake a few days before i left, and this is all i have to show till i get back n start baking again. This one is purely for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy !!!

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Your pics just take my breath away! (Salt & Turmeric)

Hi. First time here. Just wanna let you know tht I love the pics in your blog! I wish I had half that talent. 🙁 (Antonio Tahhan)

beautiful design on top! Of course, the inside looks just as tempting – DELICIOUS! (Vida)

Kate, I am taurus too… a birthday soon 10th May, when is yours? Vida x (Anonymous)

hello, your cake looks great! i would like to try it.. do you mind putting th recipe up?

sam 🙂 (Pixie)

Am a first time visitor, where have I been?? Absolutely stunning photos and what a gorgeous cake! Yum…is that slice for me? (Mo)

It looks so delicious, that it’s making me want to go off my diet!! (Shantanu)

Hope you are enjoying your days in Mumbai. The cakes you bake look so good! You not only are a great cook, you take awesome pictures too. I can almost taste them! 🙂 (Proud Italian Cook)

Kate, How did I miss this post! Absolutely gorgeous! Your photo is stunning!! (Kevin)

That chocolate cake looks amazing!! Great job decorating it! (emilée boulangerie)

Super moist, just the way i like it! this cake looks fabulous! (Latifa)

amazing, stunning, delicious………where’s the RECIPE?


Kate, that cake looks fantastic! I have a friend’s birthday coming up and I want to bake her a cake. I’d be grateful if you could share the recipe. (Nazarina A)

Exclamation!!!!! does not even begin to describe it! May I have another piece please because I have already eaten with my eyes! (Ricardo Candeias)

Your blog is amazing really is I am a sweetie fanatic, I definitely will try some of these recipes, I luv you.
Check my humble blog maybe you fancy trying some of mine too.


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