Melting Moments ... Literally !
Melting Moments ... Literally !
Melting Moments ... Literally ! 4/4

I’d definitely give this a 0/10 for presentation. I cannot tell you how ashamed i am to even share this you. God knows i tried to make a pretty one. Unfortunately for me Ghana is going though a crazy heat wave, and the weather is so harsh its almost impossible to work with desserts that need to be chilled or set. Still a bit busy with work and travelling, and with very little time on my hands.I’m sharing this with you just as it is, without really putting in that extra effort. I made this a week ago, but been on the road ever since. Now stuck in a terrible traffic jam, i find the time to write out this post. When I had started a week ago, a few ideas were running through my mind … something like this …


So i settled for a very decadent looking Napoleon. Rich and crispy layers of puff pastry sandwiched with layers of Mocha and Dark Chocolate Mousse. Started the day before with preparing the puff pastry layers and the the mousse. I let the mousse set in a shallow and wide dish overnight, and the next day i filled them in piping bags with a large nozzle and piped them in between the baked puff pastry sheets. Returned them again to the fridge to set… but the damn weather ! It just didn’t let the dessert set. And even after keeping overnight when it looked all set, on removing from the fridge it would start melting loosing shape, making a sloppy mess. So i had to get back to the work sheet and re think my options. Not left with much to work with, i decided to make a good old trifle. The chocolate cake i used here came from my freezer, kept for emergencies like this one. A cake in the freezer can really save the day. The only thing i could do with the mousse was layer it up in a glass, in the only hope that it would hold shape. And so another day went in the process of setting the trifle. But the minute i got it out of the fridge, the unforgivingly hot weather just kept melting the mousse down. So i just gave up. Not so great in presentation, but absolutely fantastic to taste. Cant go wrong with dark chocolate and coffee. For those of you, who are blessed with cooler weather, pls do try this out. I shared this treat with my office staff and they couldn’t stop raving about it. To accompany the mousse i also made some lovely walnut brittle. A great crunchy texture in contrast with the smooth n rich mousse.

Walnut Brittle

1 cup granulated sugar
pinch of salt
3/4 th cup chopped toasted walnuts

melt the sugar in a heavy based pan, on medium heat. Do not stir until it starts changing colour and when it reached an amber red caramel, stir in the chopped nuts and pour out on some foil spread out on a baking sheet. be quick and spread it as thinly as you can. Leave it to cool completely and break once hard.

Dark Chocolate Mousse

one portion of this dark chocolate mousse recipe.

Mocha Mousse

1 tbsp instant coffee
1 tbsp boiling water
3 tbsps caster sugar
2 egg whites whipped up stiff
200 ml double cream – whipped
1 tsp gelatin dissolved in 1 tbsp water

Dissolve the coffee and sugar in the water and let it cool. Mix it in the whipped cream along with the gelatin. Gently fold in the egg whites and pour in a wide dish and cover with cling film to set it overnight.

Chocolate Cake

use just about any chocolate cake you have lying around in the house.

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Comment : (Dhanggit)

oh they are welcome to melt in my mouth..or probably they wont even have the time to melt..i would swallow them too fast ..looks really delicious!! (Mike of Mike's Table)

I think these photos look spectacular, even if the melting wasn’t entirely what you were going for, it makes this look that much more tempting. Looks like an awesome dessert to me! (Larissa)

Omigod. That looks amazing. I have a bottle of cream sherry that would go perfectly 🙂 (Cinnamonda)

Very nice! I will keep this in mind for later. Too much heat will not be a problem here! 😉 By the way, nice glasses.

Tiina (Rachel)

You have a surprise waiting for you at my blog. Hope you like it 🙂 (elaineganmaclaine)

Love the presentation outlook of it! Yum! (Kelly-Jane)

P.S. I’ve tagged you Kate! (The Food Traveller)

Epecially your first photo!!! (Tartelette)

I love the whole thing…the more it melts, the happier I get 🙂
Ready for your big day next week?! I am making you a cake, hope you like lemon 🙂 (Stardust)

Hello there!

Oh but I thought this looks faultlessly GORGEOUS! I mean it’s so unpretendiously presented and raw sexy! I LOVE IT! (Mansi Desai)

Are you kidding!! this is the prettiest and most inviting presentation! I am drooling over for that mug right now:) (Mona)

Those look so gorgeous, I would keep admiring them for hours before I actually try them 🙂 (khunying)

You’re kidding me. It looks sooo good. My son wants me to make one for him; he lovessss chocolate. (The Baking Princess)

These look so incredibly tasty. I’m going to have to try them. I think the photos look delicious. Believe me they are nothing compared to the photos I have posted on my blog of my food.

Amy x

There goes my diet 🙂 You did a really nice job with the pictures, I can almost taste it!


Cool post.

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