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I truly believe, that the majority of the food bloggers are all Taureans. There are just so many of them celebrating their birthday this month i cannot begin to tell you. I guess all taureans are serious about their food and just naturally good in the kitchen. This post is dedicated to a taurean blogger friend – Mohini, of Mango Power Girl. Mo has become a very dear and close friend to me in the past year, and i actually have fought against time and all odds to put up this lovely cake i made for her …. that too just in time. The theme is obviously mango as thats her favourite and i know nothing else would make her happier.

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With the summer in full swing, there are mangoes everywhere. Not to mention the mango tree growing in my garden is also in full bloom. Heres what i’ve been very patiently waiting for all year around. Trying very hard not to pluck out all the raw mangoes as they make a wonderful thai salad, or even taste great just as it is. I’ve written about raw mango salad before, and if you can get some raw mangoes you have to try the recipe out. I promise you, you will be addicted to it.The ones i used in my cake however aren’t from my tree but from the local market. My mangoes aren’t ready yet … but will be very soon. And that will be another post altogether. What i have here is a mango cheesecake, with a genoise base instead of a biscuit one. I thought it would go much better with the marsh-mellows and fresh mangoes. An even silky texture all the way.So without further adieu i’d like to wish her and of course …. heres the recipe.

Mango Cake n Birthday Wishes

For the Genoise

121 gms flour – sifted
4 large eggs
1 tsp vanilla
121 gms sugar

Place the vanilla, eggs and sugar in a bowl. Put it over a hot bath and beat it for 3 mins till the sugar is dissolved. Now take it off the bath and wisk it for further 5 mins till it multiplies in volume. With the beater on mix in the sifted flour, and do not over-beat it. Pour into cheesecake tin lined with wax paper. Bake for 2o-25mins at 180 C. When the cake is ready, remove from tin and peel off paper. Let it cool on a wire rack, and then slice in horizontally making two halves. Cling wrap and keep one aside for later.

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Mango Cheesecake

200 gms cream cheese
150 gms double cream
350 gms mango puree
150 gms castor sugar , will have to adjust depending on how sweet the mangoes are.
2 tbsps gelatin powder

Line the loose bottom cheesecake tin with cling film, leaving the excess hanging over the sides , so when the cake is set u can remove it easily. Now place the genoise cake base at the bottom. Drowse with sugar syrup. Set aside. In a mixing bowl, whip up the double cream till soft peak stage. Now in a another bowl beat the cream cheese and sugar till it loosens up and add the whipped cream. Pour in the mango puree and mix well with a spatula. Prepare the gelatin and pour it in mixing throughout, so that the gelatin does not form lumps. Pour all this over the cake base , cove with cling film and let it set over night.

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To Decorate

3 mangoes
1 tbsp sugar
a packet on mini marsh-mellows
100 gms chocolate

With a melon baller try n get even neat balls of mango. Place them all on a plate and dust with sugar. Melt the chocolate in a microwave and put in a piping bag. When ready to garnish , place all the mango balls evenly all over the cake and then just throw in the marshmallows to fill in the gaps.Drizzle with chocolate. Send it back to the fridge for about an hour before you serve it.

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Comment : (maybelles mom)

MPG is very lucky to have you, wonderful cake. (TBC)

The cake is beautiful! And that’s so sweet of you to bake it for your friend! (aforkfulofspaghetti)

What a pretty creation! You must have the patience of a saint to do that decoration… (Meg)

Can you give instructions on how to cut a mango? (Kate / Kajal)

Mike, thanks, it was a fairly light cake.

We Are Never Full, ya i found you thru the link u left me. Well its always good to discover nice blog. Like i discovered yours too 🙂
And wish you a belated Happy Birthday!

michelle..:D thnx

ICook4Fun yup , nuthin like having your own !

Joy, see , another Taurean !!!

Chef Erik,
i saw your vote in bloggers choice. Thank you so much 😀

Jessy thnx:)

foodhuntress, i guess you hunted my cake out 🙂 Well honey , there are good cooks in all start signs …just i feel taurus have the most.

beachlover, then u have to try it. Its divine.

Anya ..and you’re the babe !!! :p

Kevin, thanks, it not only sounds good , its tastes good too !

maybelles mom, i guess she is :p

TBC , thank you.

aforkfulofspagetti … haha its not that time consuming actually !

Meg,there are two ways u can cuts a mango. One is in slices and one is when u one to cube it.To slice it, hold the mango in your left hand and a knife in the right. From the right side insert the knife in the flesh till you can feel the seed in the core of the fruit. Run the knife around and you will get the first slice. Now turn around the mango and repeat it. Ideally you should get6 slices from one mango. Hope this helps. (eliza)

count me in as a mango lover. when i grew up we used to have 2 mango trees in our yard. i usually make sweet mango pickles with green mangoes, there’s nothing compare to the taste of it! (daphne)

Oh kate! U hv outdone yourselfe. That mango cheesecake looks divine. Unfortunately it’s no longer mango season over here so the cheesecake would have to wait till the next season… (Kate / Kajal)

eliza …wow two is even more fun ! i wish i could make pickle… thats my mums department. She always makes them , so i havent bothered to learn yet .

daphne…ooh so sad. I’m sure you can get some mango pulp. that would suffice for the cheesecake. for the garnish just do a mango jelly glaze. (Dhanggit)

true friends are a real jewel on earth..i admire your friendship!! mohini is lucky to have a sweet friend like you!!

this mango cake is a sure knock out!! cant wait to try it myself!! yummy (Shannon B.)

Every time I come to your blog I remember how beautiful and amazing the food experience can be. And it should be an experience, in America, it’s way too easy to just hoof down food without thinking about the quality of what we’re consuming. Your blog brings me back to that experience. Gorgeous photos, you know how to market your talents on this blog very well! (Kate / Kajal)

Dhanggit, thanks so much. She really did deserve a nice mango cake.

Shannon , i really like reading your comment. I truly think food should be an experience. From buying the ingredients, to making it and eventually eating it. I take full pleasure in the whole event. And in this case , photographing it too. (cookienurse)

What a beautiful mango cake and what an incredible talent you have!
May I ask what is double cream? Is it the same as heavy whipping cream here in the States? Thank you! (Stardust)

Too lovely for words! I love the first picture especially. I admire the talent you possess! It must be a heavenly mango cheezecake… Drool… (SteamyKitchen)

i love that sparkly photo! (Mochachocolata Rita)

I love how you use those little mango balls! (Antonio Tahhan)

OMG, mangos are probably one of my favorite fruits!! Have you eaten green ones with salt?? so, so good! That is also one beautiful cheesecake : )


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