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I truly believe, that the majority of the food bloggers are all Taureans. There are just so many of them celebrating their birthday this month i cannot begin to tell you. I guess all taureans are serious about their food and just naturally good in the kitchen. This post is dedicated to a taurean blogger friend – Mohini, of Mango Power Girl. Mo has become a very dear and close friend to me in the past year, and i actually have fought against time and all odds to put up this lovely cake i made for her …. that too just in time. The theme is obviously mango as thats her favourite and i know nothing else would make her happier.

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With the summer in full swing, there are mangoes everywhere. Not to mention the mango tree growing in my garden is also in full bloom. Heres what i’ve been very patiently waiting for all year around. Trying very hard not to pluck out all the raw mangoes as they make a wonderful thai salad, or even taste great just as it is. I’ve written about raw mango salad before, and if you can get some raw mangoes you have to try the recipe out. I promise you, you will be addicted to it.The ones i used in my cake however aren’t from my tree but from the local market. My mangoes aren’t ready yet … but will be very soon. And that will be another post altogether. What i have here is a mango cheesecake, with a genoise base instead of a biscuit one. I thought it would go much better with the marsh-mellows and fresh mangoes. An even silky texture all the way.So without further adieu i’d like to wish her and of course …. heres the recipe.

Mango Cake n Birthday Wishes

For the Genoise

121 gms flour – sifted
4 large eggs
1 tsp vanilla
121 gms sugar

Place the vanilla, eggs and sugar in a bowl. Put it over a hot bath and beat it for 3 mins till the sugar is dissolved. Now take it off the bath and wisk it for further 5 mins till it multiplies in volume. With the beater on mix in the sifted flour, and do not over-beat it. Pour into cheesecake tin lined with wax paper. Bake for 2o-25mins at 180 C. When the cake is ready, remove from tin and peel off paper. Let it cool on a wire rack, and then slice in horizontally making two halves. Cling wrap and keep one aside for later.

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Mango Cheesecake

200 gms cream cheese
150 gms double cream
350 gms mango puree
150 gms castor sugar , will have to adjust depending on how sweet the mangoes are.
2 tbsps gelatin powder

Line the loose bottom cheesecake tin with cling film, leaving the excess hanging over the sides , so when the cake is set u can remove it easily. Now place the genoise cake base at the bottom. Drowse with sugar syrup. Set aside. In a mixing bowl, whip up the double cream till soft peak stage. Now in a another bowl beat the cream cheese and sugar till it loosens up and add the whipped cream. Pour in the mango puree and mix well with a spatula. Prepare the gelatin and pour it in mixing throughout, so that the gelatin does not form lumps. Pour all this over the cake base , cove with cling film and let it set over night.

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To Decorate

3 mangoes
1 tbsp sugar
a packet on mini marsh-mellows
100 gms chocolate

With a melon baller try n get even neat balls of mango. Place them all on a plate and dust with sugar. Melt the chocolate in a microwave and put in a piping bag. When ready to garnish , place all the mango balls evenly all over the cake and then just throw in the marshmallows to fill in the gaps.Drizzle with chocolate. Send it back to the fridge for about an hour before you serve it.

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Comment : (Mango Power Girl)

O! my goodness…you are a darling! Thank you so much for such a Mango Powered cake – I never had one! It looks amazing and delicious…how I wish I lived next door to come thank you, of course eat the cake, and most of all to pluck some of your mangoes! (Kate / Kajal)

Anytime girl 😀 i’m glad you liked it. (Peter G)

Firstly let me wish MPG a Happy B’day. You’re a good friend Kate and you’ve done a fantastic job. Very cute with the mango pieces and tiny marshmallows on top! Gorgeous! (Bron)

Oh my that does look GOOD!!
I adore mangoes, sadly it’s too cold for them to grow here even in summer.
Oh and hate to say that my sister is also Taurus, yet she know jot about food and her husband does all the cooking. Anyway, I just love how you decorated the top with mini marshmallows, simple but stunning, I’ll be sure to try this one! (mk99)

I am in awe of your talents and your friendship. (glamah16)

Oh man I want this cake for my birthday. Your so lucky to have a mango tree. (Nina's Kitchen (Nina Timm))


Perfect Cake for the mango power girl! (Swati: Sugarcraft India)

Wow, the cake looks delicious and the gesture is beautiful… Yes, mangoes are in season and I am all set to give this a go!!
Kate your clicks are as good as ever…breath-takingly beautiful!!! (evolvingtastes)

Many of your pictures were not displaying for me, but the ones I saw are stunning! What a pretty dessert. And thanks for the introduction to a lovely blog too. (Hale)

i am also MAY girl 🙂 15 …

Thanks :)) i will make this on my birtday i hope insaALLAH.. (Rosa's Yummy Yums)

That’s a fabulous cake! Your pictures are amazing! I love mangoes, especially those from Peru/Brasil and West Africa…


Rosa (Lael)

a mango tree in your own back yard! I had my share of tropical fruit out my back door growing up, but never mangoes…someday perhaps. I love anything and everything mango, including the look of this beautiful birthday cake. once again, a lovely post! (Rachel)

So jealous of your mango tree! This looks beautiful. (Kate / Kajal)

Peter thnx for your greetings 🙂

Bron … haha i guess not ALL taureans can cook , but i’m guessing , most of them can. Hahaha, i wish i could make my hubby cook everyday !!!!
Yeah the cake is very simple, its just the decoration that lifts it up a bit.

mk99.. thnx

glamah yes i am lucky to have a mango tree !!!

nina, good friendship really is a blessing. She adored the cake .

Rachel … i know !!!

Swati , thanks you …this comming from the queen of cakes herself. I was on your blog yesterday , and kept starting at your gorgeous cake , but was unable to leave a comment.

evolving tastes, thnx for mentioning it. i think i fixed it now.hope u can see it.

Hale … mashallah !!! u see …taureans everywhere ! i’m on the 13th BTW 🙂

Rosa , have u tried the Indian Alphonso ??? u’ll change your preferences.Trust me.

Lael, thanks, maybe you should try planting one. it will take a couple of years to fruit, but u’ll really thank yourself for having done it. (nixtress)

Beautiful as always, Kate! I love the sparkler too, mini fireworks! (Sylvia)

My father and my mother are also taurus, but…the only person in the family that love to cook is me.
By the way my B day is in june, and ..this cake is my size.;) (E to the M)

A very happy birthday to MPG!
And just for future refernece, my birthday is Nov 30. 😉 (Deborah)

What a gorgeous cake, and a perfect birthday wish! I am so jealous of your mango tree – what a wonderful thing to have! (Kelly-Jane)

What a lovely thing to do! Gorgeous mangoes, gorgeous cake 🙂 (Kate / Kajal)

nix .. i thought they would make the cake look special. Think it worked 🙂

sylvia, hahaha i guess they did when they were younger, now its your turn 🙂 Gr8 i’m glad you like the cake for your birthday !

Deborah, thank you . Hhaha, a lot of readers are in love with my mango tree 🙂

Kelly-Jane , thank u ! (Medena)

Happy birthday to Mohini!
What a beautiful cake, and sounds soooooooooo heavenly!
I must try this one!
I love the colors, and it must taste just superb!!!
Mango shopping soon! (Lydia (The Perfect Pantry))

Beautiful cake! How lucky you are to have mangoes on your tree! (Kate / Kajal)

Medena , thns for the kind wishes.
The is nice , i’m sure you’ll like it too.

Lydia… i really am lucky !!! (tigerfish)

Love the cake. Wish I were a Taurean and it was my birthday and you made this for me 😀 …hahahha…I know I’m dreaming. (White On Rice Couple)

Oh look at your MANGOES!!!!! I’m so jealous!!!!
We have a mango tree too, but it doesn’t fruit like YOURS!! Our California weather is not kind to mango trees. But when it does fruit, they are tiny and sweet!

Happy Birthday Mango Power Girl!! That was awesome of you Kate to made this!

Ummm….My B-day is in October….and I just love pears….and chocolate….and…..:D (My Sweet & Saucy)

Happy, Happy Birthday! What a wonderful cake to celebrate such a happy day! The way you set it up is just perfect…love the bright colors! (Marianna)

wow, that is such a pretty cake!! and so appetizing!! and so summer-y! just perfect, really!! (Christie @ fig & cherry)

Absolutely stunning – the cake and the photograph! I am craving a big juicy mango now. Well done! 😉 (Homecooked)

You have a mango tree in your garden. I so envy you 🙂 That was a lovely gesture for your friend 🙂 And really nice words for Taureans….I am a Taurean too! (Kate / Kajal)

tigerfish , hahaha … dreams can come true :p

WORC , trust me a lot of people would die to have what u n i got !!! THE MANGO TREE !
Thanks for your wishes 🙂

My sweet & Saucy thanks so much.

Marianna …hehe thnx, its really summer-y 🙂 (Asha)

Gorgeous cake, what a wonderful, soothing color!! We get Spanish mangoes her, not good at all, have to rely on Alfonso Mango puree in a can!Happy birthday to her, enjoy!:)) (Kate / Kajal)

cristie … well then i think i’ve tempted quite a few people 🙂

Homecooked, haha i know ! its nice to have your own tree.Well well another Taurean !!! welcome to the gang.

Asha, nothing compares to the Indian Alphonso ! (Maryann)

You did a wonderful job on this cake, Kate. I like how the chocolate isn’t overdone on the top 🙂 A very Happy Birthday wish to your friend! (Rachel)

** Do not publish **

I passed an awrd to you girl. That was the surprise. Visit (The Food Traveller)

This looks gorgeous !!!

But I won’t eat it. Why? Mango is one of the few things I do not like, maybe because we do not get the real thing here in Europe.

Still, looks super gorgeous!! (Kate / Kajal)

maryann yeah the chocolate is purely for aesthetics. Didnt want it to over power the flavour.

Rachel ..ooh thx !

Francesco, then my dear friend i have to invite u over to India to eat the king of fruits… the Alphonso Mango ! (Mike of Mike's Table)

That is a beautiful cake! I really like that you kept it light and airy in every component, and I especially enjoy how you decorated it. Very nice work!

Also, I wish I had a mango tree 🙁 (We Are Never Full)

Thank you so much for visiting our blog! Why has it taken me so long to find yours? I can’t cook sweets well so you are an inspiration to me. this looks LOVELY and tasty.

but what is it about may birthdays? it’s as though everyone’s doin’ the nasty in august and sept.! in fact, i thought the bday cake was for me b/c it was actually my birthday yesterday. along with 5 other people i know! my husband’s is today, my best friend is this w/e… i know so many may bdays!

great blog. (We Are Never Full)

a-ha! now that i’m spending more time on your blog i notice I have been here before! i love your pictures! i’ll leave you alone now… i’m not a stalker, i swear. (michelle @ TNS)

okay, that looks insanely, obscenely good.

but i’m a capricorn. (I Cook4Fun)

I just love mango. What can be better than having a mango tree right at the backyard 🙂 I just love the vibrant color of you mango cake. (Joy)

I love food and I am a Taurus too! I love reading your food blog you take such wonderful pictures and make really delicious meals. (Chef Erik)

That looks outstanding! Mango is my favorite fruit bar none. Very nice cake. (Chef Erik)

That looks outstanding! Mango is my favorite fruit bar none. Very nice cake. (Jessy and her dog Winnie)

Your mango cake looks beautiful! I love the way you decorated it! (foodhuntress)

Hello, Kate. My first time to drop by your delicious blog… and I was taken aback by the happy, plump, ultra yummy mangoes hanging from the tree and the glorious cake.But most specially, ahh… your observation that Taureans are naturally good cooks? Wow. But I don’t think I qualify :p I think you’re a natural foodie and very beautiful too. (beachlover)

I love mango and cheesecake but never try mango cheesecake b4.Die for this cake.Will try this recipe one day.Thanks for sharing:) (anya)

Kate, you are the Friend!! And the Baker (and this I’ve told so many times already!). 🙂

P.S. In reference to your comment, I’m well now. Thanks! (Kevin)

Great looking mango cheesecake. I really like the sound of a mango cheesecake! I like the photo with the lit sparkler!

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