My Birthday Cake

To celebrate my big day we planned to go out for the day, rather than just doing dinner or going clubbing. I’m more of a day person, where i can have fun all day long amidst mother nature, opposed to a few hours in a dark room with cigarette smoke and loads of people. We decided to go to my most favourite place in Ghana, the Akosombo Dam at the lake Volta. I’m sharing pictures of this wonderful place with you, as according to me its the only place that makes being in Ghana easy for me.


This place does have quite a few interesting facts and history to it. To begin with, its the worlds largest man made lake ! And one of its benefits besides the fact that it provides electricity year round to Ghana and neighbouring countries, is that its loaded with Tilapia fish, which makes it a fantastic spot to go fishing. I must admit I’ve been fairly lucky with my fishing skills, and have never gone home disappointed. There are times when i get really small catches, but those just get chucked back into the water to grow to full size.

Lake Volta , Ghana
Lake Volta , Ghana

The water is so pristine, that a swim in the middle of the lake is almost irresistible. Very often the local fishermen living by the lake, offer rides in their little boats, a way for them to make a few cedis on the side, and for the visitors to get a feeling of the place the true African way.

Hopefull ...
Look into my eyes ...what do you see ?

A lot of you wondered and asked me, what the cake i made for myself looked like. Well actually i got my cake ready just at the last minute, before we left for the lake. I wasn’t sure if i would be able to take pictures, but luckily there was some cake remaining, just enough to do a little photo shoot the next day. Since i’m a diehard chocoholic i had to make a chocolate cake. This time i chose to do layers of a french vanilla cake and dark chocolate, sandwiched with a rich chocolate ganache and finished off with chopped hazelnuts. A cake fit for a queen ! Well i’m not implying anything here … aehm aehm … but yeah … the cake is royal, fit for royalty :p

My Birthday Cake

And to end this post i leave you a picture of me, at my favourite place on my budday !!! Thank you all for your warm wishes and wonderful greetings. I did have a wonderful day 🙂

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Comment : (Jessy and her dog Winnie)

Nice pictures!I like the one of the monkey : D Glad you had a good bday! (Katy)

what amazing pictures! your cake looks so delicious, although i think i could definitely resist swimming in that lake after seeing the crocodile photo! it is absolutely beautiful though. (Lori)

Great pics.. I can see why you like to spend your time there.

The cake looks incredible! Happy Birthday! (Kate / Kajal)

Jessy , Katy and Lori , thanks for your lovely comments. (Sylvia)

Kate happy birthday (late again..oh I am getting boring saying this…,( )

After my husband´s birthday I decide to change night for day for the same reasons that you wrote.The place looks amazing,peaceful.And the cake..Rich and yummy yummy is all can I say (Zita)

Birthdays in May are awesome 😉 great serene partry, delicious cake and beautifull views, more than enough 🙂 (Warda)

Stunning pictures indeed. What a beautiful way to celebrate your birthday. (PheMom)

That cake looks amazing and definately fit for royalty. I’m glad your day was beautiful – those are amazing pictures at the lake! (Kate / Kajal)

Sylvia … haha its really ok , i’m always late at your blog too :p Thanks for your warm wishes.

Zita , u bet they are, best time of the year .. a lot of sunshine, and summer in full swing !

Warda, yup !

PhemOM, thanks 😀 (Erin @ The Skinny Gourmet)

Kate, beautiful photos, as always. You make me miss the volta region, which is also one of my favorite places in ghana. I also tried taking some photos while there, but mine are no where near as beautiful as yours.

Happy Birthday!

And for what it is worth, I’ve tapped you as an outstanding blog that I admire. (Medena)

What a great post, as always, I enjoy it, and your photography is like a therapy for me – thank you! : )
Happy, happy birthday! It couldn’t have been anything but happy in such a beautiful place… just amazing… (Kate / Kajal)

Erin , thanks, How long since u went there. Next time u must join us. It’ll be fun. Thanks for the OS Blog 🙂

Medena , haha imagine being there then !Indeed made me very happy ! (Mansi Desai)

Kate, wish you a Happy belated B’day, and its nice to know you had an enjoyable one! I too am planning to go off to a quiet and beautiful place for this weekend (which incidentally, is my b’day:))

the pics look beautiful, and the cake sure is to die for!!:) (eliza)

lovely pictures of surrounding Ghana! am glad to read that you had a very good day on your birthday. (Lubna)

Belated Happy Birthday girl…I hope you had a blast 😉
Love the gorgeous chocolate cake.
Ghana is beautiful, look at those lush greens….
By the way I just love your hangout! (Esi)

I have been to Akosombo several time and it is just as beautiful as your pictures. (chriesi)

Mmm that is fabulous! And how fantastic photos! (Leslie)

Stunning Photos!

mmm… I think its great!! pwonage post, thanks for the story.

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