Blackberry meringue cake 1

With summer in full swing, there are gorgeous fruits being imported into the Ghana from Holland, specially these lovely blackberries. I almost let out a scream of joy when i saw these at the supermarket, and bought them right away- 10 $ for all those you see on the cake. Quite a bit, but i still had to. I thought a Meringue cake with some rich mascarpone cheese would be just perfect for them. The texture of the crunchy meringue really works with the creamy cheese n tart berries.

Blackberry Meringue Cake 2


( recipe makes 2 )
225 gms self raising flour ( sifted)
225 gms butter
225 gms sugar
4 eggs
1 tablespoon vanilla extract
2 egg whites
50 gms caster sugar
1 tub mascarpone cheese
100 gms cream

Preheat oven to 140 C, line 2 8″ or smaller baking tins. For the cake its quite simple, in a large bowl put together the butter (at room temp), sugar, flour, eggs, vanilla and beat on slow speed with an electric beater for 3 mins, and then on high for another 2-3 mins. If the mixture is a bit dry then add a few tbsps of milk. Pour equally into both the tins. Now in another bowl, whip up the egg whites till soft peak stage. Add in the caster sugar and further beat till stiff meringue stage, and equally spread over the 2 cakes. Bake till the tops are a nice light brown about 30 mins or till the skewer comes out clean. When its time to serve, beat he cream and mascarpone together. If you like sweeten it a bit with some caster sugar, and then place the berries on top, dust with icing sugar, simple and elegant !

Blackberry Meringue Cake 3

I cut this post short as i need to go pack … i’m off again, this time to Bombay/Mumbai, but promising not to disappear for a long time. Hopefully this time i will keep up with my posts. Ta-Da !

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Comment : (Sylvia)

This time , I am not late 🙂
Beautiful cake , and nicely decorated.Looks delicious (E to the M)

ohmygosh, ohmygosh. oh. my. gosh. This looks so good! (Kate / Kajal)

haha yes this time you made it first Sylvia. (Kate / Kajal)

sorry e to the m , i think u dropped the comment just i was writing out the previous one….
n thank you , thank you ! u make me smile real big ! (glamah16)

Thatcake looks fntastic. I was just commenting on another blog how I love to see all these terrific summer desserts. Safe travels. (Rosa's Yummy Yums)

Fantastic! That cake is terribly tempting and ever so beautiful! Perfect!


Rosa (Peabody)

So summery and fabulous looking. (ces)

i am definitely making this kate! lovely and perfect really for the coming months!hmm…i’m thinking of father’s day…
btw, are you seriouos about the header? if you are, just drop me a line ok? i’d gladly do it for you! (Lydia (The Perfect Pantry))

I don’t know which looks better, the cake or those blackberries on top! (Stardust)

Uh huh, great work as usual. Wish I can have a piece now. Safe travels! (Rachel)

wow..that looks gorgeous…..come back soon..have a nice trip (Peter G)

I hear you about the berries…its about the same here in Australia and they’re local! Great cake. As always your cooking and photography skills are top notch…have a great trip to Mumbai. (PheMom)

How seriously fabulous looking is this cake! Wow. Just wow. (Swati: Sugarcraft India)

Hi Kate..
The cake is a marvel again and you just keep impressin us over and over again..Girl you are GOOD!! (Mango Power Girl)

Beautiful as always … I hear you berries are expensive everywhere right now, and these look worth it … Have fun in Bombay … I expect to see more posts from the motherland 😉 (Kate / Kajal)

glamah16 , i know this summer we are going to see lovely desserts all over 🙂

Rosa, thanks !

Peabody, thnx.

Ces, yay …do try it out , its amazing, and will definitely drop u a line ASAP, i’m serious abt the header.

Lydia … i think both :p

Stardust , thank you .

Rachel, i will thnk u 🙂

Peter, thanks for the compliment, makes to very happy to hear that , specially comming frm an equally talented blogger 🙂

PheMom, 😀 thanks

Swati, thanks so much, still no where compared to your talents 🙂

Mo, they exp on your end too ! damn it …why ! this just makes it like a special treat then , u cant always buy it , unless its really some occasion. hopefully will get some shots in bombay 🙂 (banquet manager thatsme)

Great photos on this blog, thanks.
Visit my blog for banquet managers at: (Asha)

Beautifully presented Kajal. Looks yummilicious!:) (Patricia Scarpin)

What a stunning cake! The blackberries look so beautiful on the top of the cream.
Have a wonderful trip! (Hendria)

Love your blog…. just found it this morning. 🙂
Outstanding photos!!!! (LoveMichie)

Lovely cake! I wish I could take a bite 🙂 (Deborah)

It looks like they were totally worth the cost – that is such a gorgeous creation! (Janna)

So simple and beautiful!
I love blackberries. (Mike of Mike's Table)

This looks beautiful! I love that each layer is distinct and I bet its great in the mouth. I wish I could have a piece right now 😛 (My Sweet & Saucy)

I love the look of this cake! So simple and rustic looking! (Homesick Texan)

That’s exquisite! I can’t wait for the blackberries to arrive here! (Sharona May)

Looks good! I just bought blackberries the other day at the market. YUM

Sharona (johannabrannanlowe)

Is it possible to grow blackberries in Ghana? (Zen Chef)

You are leaving me again? 🙁
Don’t be gone too long!

This looks gorgeous just as everything else you make. $10 for the blackberries? wow, that’s expensive. Well, I shouldn’t say that, this morning i bought fresh figs for $4 a piece. First of the season. When you love you don’t count, right?

Have fun in India! 🙂 (Rose&Thorn)

You make me long for summer again! With the rain pouring down here in Cape Town, this cake is a ray of sunshine through the dark clouds! (Dhanggit)

lovely lovely cake, i would do anything to have a small slice 🙂 yum!! (Catering Equipment)

Fantastic! (Medena)

Oh man!!!! Scrumptious! Have a nice trip!!! Have fun! (Kate / Kajal)

Thank You all dear friends , for your lovely comments. I’m here in Mumbai…my first day, n hoping to spend some quality time with family …
Cheers ! (Proud Italian Cook)

Kate, Thanks for leaving us with this beautiful cake, have a great time! (rahin)

hi kajal , first time here , ur blog is beautiful , the cake looks delicious (Homecooked)

Wow…..the cake looks so moist and delicious! And enjoy your trip to Bombay….I am so jealous 🙂 Hope its not raining too heavily. (Kelly-Jane)

Oh how delicious, it looks beautiful! (Gattina)

oh you busy like bee!
This cake is stunning! (Aaron Kagan)


This makes me curious as to what the local, seasonal fruits of Ghana actually are. What might you have made this cake with if you looked to them? (Kanan)

Hi Anks,

Good God…you make this look so easy and beautiful! How is bbay? Look up my sis, mom and dad if you get a chance. They will be very happy, especially dad.

Question for you… I am going to attempt this cake! this weekend (infact tonight). At what temperature and for how long should I bake this. I have no baking funbdaes so be lavish w/ the details :):)
Lots of love,
kanan. (Nina's Kitchen (Nina Timm))

This is a berry nice looking cake(sorry, I could not resist). Soft cake, crunchy meringue and tart sweetish berries – fantastic! (Kate / Kajal)

Thanks all you guys 😀 , getting yor comments always makes me happy.

Aaron , i would’ve used mangoes, as that would be the best option. Ghanian fruits are pineapple, papaya, watermelon, bananas, oranges,apples – pears(which are also imported)… thats about it. No more fruits except the imported goods, which you can get if you are lucky or willing to spend a packet. (anya)

Kudos to dutch for supplying the world with their fruits and veggies! 🙂 Kudos to you, Kate, for creating these culinary wonders!!

Take care and be safe in your travels! (Oh for the love of food!)

What a wonderful combination, Kate – this is a slice of Heaven! Have a beaut trip and take care.. xo (Medena)

Hi! Me again — no, I’m not coming over for dinner ( I wish:)
I have tagged you, so when you get time, check out my blog, and if you don’t have time, it is fine…
Have fun, fun, fun! (Erin @ The Skinny Gourmet)

This looks mouthwatering! I’m still sad I never got to meet you personally (and eat your food!) when we were both blogging in Ghana together. (Jessy and her dog Winnie)

Looks amazing! I love the picture! I jsut recently made these merangue things that I have to post about later. Your cake looks stunning! (Lael)

mmm, blackberries are my favorite! I’m going to have to wait a couple more months for them, though. In the meantime, maybe I’ll substitute another berry b/c I love meringue! Thanks for the beautiful pics and recipe. Enjoy your trip. (daphne)

i love the way u decorated the cake! It’s gorgeous!

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